10 surprising facts about Stranger Things you didn’t know

stranger things Has become one of the most favorite shows of this generation. The Netflix series appeals to both kids and parents, partly thanks to its kid-centric cast and 1980s vintage setting. The fifth and final season of stranger things Maybe, but fans won’t be ready to say goodbye to their favorite characters just yet, leading to a bitter end to a sci-fi horror series that has enthralled the nation.

stranger things It begins when a young boy goes missing and a young girl with special powers mysteriously appears. As Will Byers’ (Noah Schnapp) family and friends desperately try to find him, they discover the existence of powerful forces, a secret laboratory conducting experiments in the city, and an alternate universe known as the Upside Down. Is known. stranger things It’s got scares, heart, humor and supernatural elements – it’s like modern times fool With a darker, more sinister twist. Here are some amazing facts about it stranger things It will attract fans of the top-rated series.

Stories inspired by real-life events and conspiracy theories

A scene from Stranger Things shows Eleven looking angry with the module on her head.

duffer brothers, who created stranger thingsIt is said in the stories stranger things Not only drew inspiration from other works of famous directors like Steven Spielberg, John Carpenter, Stephen King, Wes Craven, and HP Lovecraft, but also from real-life stories.

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The story about the laboratory and experiments on Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) was inspired by experiments conducted during the Cold War. The concept of the government running experiments on children to test supernatural abilities was also inspired by conspiracy theories about secret government programs in general, including Montauk (which was actually the show’s original name). The show is fictional, but is based on real things that happened, or that people suspect happened.

The Duffer Brothers were directed by M. Night Shyamalan

A creature screaming in a scene from Wayward Pines.
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M. Night Shyamalan is one of the horror genre’s most respected directors, producers, and writers. He also played a role in the development of stranger things, albeit in a roundabout way. Fans of his work, the Duffer Brothers, wrote and produced a film called hidden It was done in the style of Shyamalan, but did not see a wide release. When TV producer Donald De Line approached him to work on the episode Wayward Pines Along with Shyamalan, the expert on the horror genre reportedly mentored him during his stay there.

The brothers say that once they completed work on that series and received guidance from Shyamalan, they felt ready to write their own show. was the product of stranger things,

The script was not initially accepted as is

A close-up of the kids from Stranger Things looking at something.

fans can’t imagine stranger things To be anything from what is. However, many cable networks did not think the concept would work. Some people said that a show focusing on children in the lead roles would not appeal to audiences, a surprising fact considering how well similar films have performed over the decades. Some reportedly even told the brothers to make it a children’s show or shift the main focus to Detective Jim Hopper (David Harbour) and his investigation.

Once production company 21 Laps Entertainment purchased the script and gave the brothers full control over it, Netflix read the pilot and purchased the season, scheduling it for release the following year. it’s hard to imagine stranger things As a children’s show or as a focus without children. The interesting thing is that there Is An animated series based on the same universe is in the works, with the Duffer Brothers among its executive producers.

The title was inspired by Stephen King’s novel

An old man sitting back in a chair is smiling wryly in a scene from the film Needful Things.
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Most hardcore fans know this stranger things It was initially going to be called Montauk and would be set in Montauk, New York, which is known as a hotbed of conspiracy theories. The brothers later changed the location to the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana. This also meant changing the name of the show.

The brothers reportedly had trouble agreeing on the final title, but they agreed stranger things Due to its similarity to Stephen King’s book, essential itemsOn which a film was made in 1993. Keen readers will notice some of the prints in the book, essential items Written in a font and style similar to stranger things,

Eggo waffle sales increased due to the show

In a scene from Stranger Things, eleven people were standing in the freezer section of a grocery store holding boxes of egg waffles.

One of Eleven’s most defining scenes in the first season has her stealing boxes of waffles from a grocery store, desperate for her favorite food. Her love of breakfast dishes continued throughout the series, as she was later seen eating waffles and ice cream for dessert with Hopper. release of stranger things The season appears to coincide with an increase in Eggo Waffle sales, indicating that the product placement really worked.

According to CNN Business, when season 2 arrived in 2017, sales of Eggo frozen waffles, pancakes and French toast increased 14%. In 2018 it was 9.4%. Kellogg, the parent brand of Eggo Waffles, took advantage of the boom by allowing the show to repurpose an old Eggo ad as an ad during the 2017 Super Bowl.

The prison used in Season 4 was involved in a massacre

Hopper is being taken by Enzo to prison on Stranger Things, with the others following behind.

There were protests over Netflix’s use of Lukiskes Prison in Lithuania as the setting for some scenes in Season 4. The prison was allegedly involved in the Ponyri massacre during the Holocaust. Protesters were also against Netflix reposting Instagram images of fans with Eleven’s numerical tattoos, believing it desecrates the memories of Holocaust survivors.

There was even a petition that received over 60,000 signatures demanding Netflix withhold rentals stranger things-Themed prison cell on Airbnb. As a result the local tourism board discontinued the list.

Child actors read lines from Stand by Me at the audition

The kids in Stand By Me, make a point and they're all watching.
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stranger things It has been compared to iconic films from the 1990s, including Stephen King’s great adaptation Stand with me, which also focused on a group of children and their outdoor adventures. Given the similarities, child actors who auditioned for the parts were asked to read lines from that film. This ensured that no plot points were revealed about the script.

Finn Wolfhard, who played Mike Wheeler in the series, was already familiar with the ’80s films and fit the role well. Meanwhile, Gaten Matarazzo’s authentic audition for the role of Dustin Henderson helped him get cast after only one viewing of his audition tape. Matt Duffer told The New York Times that “When you see someone like Gaten, and he pops like that, you’re just like ‘This is the kid, we’re putting him in the show, 100%.’ Are.”

Upside Down isn’t actually its name

The Mind Flayer in Stranger Things is surrounded by fire and darkness from the Upside Down.

Fans are starting to compare the Upside Down to the Upside Down stranger things, The alternate universe has been described this way numerous times throughout the series and appears on merchandise, promotional material, and more. But that’s not actually the name of that dark, scary place. It should really be called the Netherlands.

Meanwhile, the demonic figure initially introduced as the Mind Flayer was also renamed. As the series progressed, it was described more often as a shadow monster. But these two creatures are effectively one and the same.

There was actually 1,200 pounds of Epsom salt in the pool

A scene from Stranger Things features Eleven lying in a kiddie pool filled with water and Epsom salt while others surround her.

stranger things It’s known for its spectacular visual effects, but there’s one particular scene that doesn’t actually use any. In Season 1, Episode 7, Called Chapter 7: Bathtub, kids put Eleven in a kiddie pool filled with 1,200 pounds of Epsom salts. It is a temporary sensory deprivation tank that helps him simulate the sensations he experiences in the lab and tap into his unconscious. This actually happened (well, at least the thing about salt).

duffer brothers told Entertainment Weekly That he followed the instructions of fictional science teacher Mr. Clark (Randy Havens) realistically. This means that actor Brown actually swam in this extremely salty water for the scene, and had to get a lot of Epsom salt to make it happen.

Stephen King was an early fan of Millie Bobby Brown

Found a tweet from Stephen King about Bobby Brown.
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Can you imagine anyone other than Millie Bobby Brown in the role of Eleven? At the time of casting, the British actress, who was born in Spain, was not very well known in American productions beyond small guest roles on shows such as. Modern Family, NCIS, Once Upon a TimeAnd gray’s anatomy, But he had already attracted the attention of a very influential person, several years before he was finally inducted into stranger things,

Stephen King was a fan of the British series intruders, Brown’s only starring role up to that time. She played the young character, a serial killer named Marcus Fox, who comes back to life in her body. King had tweeted two years ago in 2014 stranger things Debut: “Millie Brown, The Girl in intruders, it’s great. Is it my imagination, or are child actors much better than they used to be?”

stranger things Streaming on Netflix.

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