3 movies leaving Prime Video in November you have to watch

Movies come and go from Amazon Prime Video every month. It is difficult to maintain this. You may see a movie one day and think you have time to watch it. Then check back a week later and it’s gone. A lot of titles leave Amazon, especially at the end of each month.

When it comes to movies leaving Prime Video in November, some have already disappeared jurassic world dominion And Serpico, But some, including obscure, indie movies that would otherwise never have been on your radar, will still be available for a few more days or weeks. After that, they will be gone from the streaming service. So check them out before you look for them elsewhere.

District 13 – Ultimatum (2010)

Available with English subtitles, this French action thriller serves as a sequel to the 2004 film District 13 and takes place three years after the events of the original film. Five rival regional gang chiefs are trying to take over the district once held by now-deceased gang boss Taha Ben Mahmoud.

With corrupt government agents, drug dealers and constant conflict, District 13 – Ultimatum An exciting watch all the way through. Written and produced by Luc Besson, known for films like fifth elementcritics praise District 13 – Ultimatum A solid but overlooked entry in the action movie genre, for its adrenaline and high entertainment value.

Stream District 13 – Ultimatum On Prime Video.

Miami Blues (1990)

Alec Baldwin stars in the ’90s neo-noir black comedy crime drama based on the Charles Willeford novel of the same name. He is Frederick J. Franzer Jr. (Junior for short) is a violent sociopath with a tendency to steal. When he accidentally kills Hare Krishna at the airport after being released from prison, Junior is hunted down by a police sergeant named Hoke (Fred Ward) who is convinced of his guilt.

The game of cat and mouse takes many turns as Junior does whatever is necessary to escape the long arm of the law; Even impersonating an officer himself. miami blues He has been described as an “unusual offender”. Baldwin’s comedic style is on full display in this murderous film. But the supporting cast is also praised for their scene-stealing roles, including Jennifer Jason Leigh and the late Charles Napier.

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Cutter’s Way (1981)

Since the early 80’s, cutter path Marked as one of the best works of late director Ivan Passer (he also directed). Stalin in 1992). originally titled cutter and boneJeff Bridges (old man) stars as Richard Bone, a man who sees a stranger throwing something in a roadside trash can. He later learns that it may be the body of a missing young girl.

Now, Bone is no longer an innocent man whose car broke down on the side of the road at the wrong place and the wrong time. He has become a suspect. His friend, a ruthless and troubled Vietnam veteran named Alex Cutter (John Heard), decides to help when Richard swears he has seen the guilty man in a local parade. It appears he may be local tycoon JJ Cord (Stephen Elliot). The situation begins to unravel, conspiracy theories develop and Cutter and Bone find themselves in a dangerous situation. cutter path It has both a compelling story and a fantastic cast.

Stream cutter path On Prime Video.

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