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When it premiered on Netflix in 2021, squid game It was nothing more than another South Korean, foreign language series. However, it took little time for it to become Netflix’s most watched series ever, with 1.65 billion hours watched in its first month. Fourteen Primetime Emmy nominations and six subsequent wins, including Lee Jung-jae’s win for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series, squid game Has come into discussion for many reasons.

It tells the story of the recruitment of desperate people for a secret competition. All they need to do is play a series of children’s games. The last-place finisher out of 456 players wins a prize of 45.6 billion won, or about $36 million. But there’s a problem: surviving in the game is literal. The losers are killed in the most heinous, grotesque ways, often at the hands of other competitors who are willing to do anything. squid gameHowever, it’s much more than horror games and mass murder, and it’s certainly more than reality show spin-offs, Squid Game: Challenge, which premiered on Netflix in November. There are many reasons for this squid game Still the best Netflix show to watch.

This is timely social commentary

Seong, the player in green uniform in the squid game, points towards a woman on the floor.
Well Juhan/Netflix

squid game It’s about more than just sports. It is a social commentary on economic and class disparity and inequality. The game is promoted only to people at their lowest level, recruiting them when they are at their weakest. They have no money, they are in trouble and can’t see any way out. Scenes of masked rich elite white men watching the game indulging in drink, food and sexual fantasies bring this theme home. It’s a game for them and players are not valued like humans.

This show is just as brilliantly subversive black Mirror, Even after knowing the stakes, players decide to proceed anyway because they have nothing to lose. Society has ignored them anyway, so why not take a risk? There are deeper themes running behind the superficial story and horrific scenes squid game,

it’s thought provoking

Seong and Oh-ilnam from the game Squid are talking in the sleep area of ​​the game.
Well Juhan/Netflix

In the story squid game There is progression with each episode and each episode reveals a new, more sinister and elaborately fabricated game. It is a visual spectacle. As lead character Seong Gi-hun (Jung-jae) is faced with seemingly impossible decisions, it leaves viewers wondering what they would do in similar scenarios. Are your moral obligations to others more valuable than your own life? Would you sell to someone else, even a friend, if it meant you could win millions?

However, it’s not just about Seong. Every character is compelling. As they make difficult decisions, fans wonder if circumstances have caused them to become the worst versions of themselves or if they are bad people from the beginning. It’s been a complete emotional roller coaster. The protagonist initially seems like a horrible person but later proves himself to be one of the strongest, most resilient, and caring of the group, also marking the ultimate redemption story.

there’s a game show about it

Squid Game: The Challenge All players are in a line at the beginning of the game.

squid game It was so popular that it spawned a reality competition show based on it. Squid Game: Challenge With a prize fund of $4.56 million, the show is offering the largest single cash prize ever in the history of both reality shows and game shows. In line with the series, 456 players will also compete in games inspired by the show, making it the largest cast ever in reality TV show history.

Of course, the real lives of the players are not at stake. But it’s a testament to the creativity and compelling nature of games squid gameIt’s all inspired by children’s popular schoolyard games, that a reality show on such a large scale will be created. The series consists of 10 episodes, premiering on November 22, 2023. Meanwhile, shooting is underway for the second season of squid game It has started.

Stream squid game On Netflix.

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