3 rom-coms on Prime Video you need to watch in December

The end of the year is the perfect time to enjoy hot cocoa and a good romantic comedy. After wrapping countless gifts, cooking up a storm, and decorating the house, you deserve it. Now comes the decision: what to watch?

There are three rom-coms on Prime Video you need to watch in December. Two are Christmas-themed, and both lean more toward romance than comedy. The third classic is the pairing of Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore that will surprise you. Don’t like any of these three options? Check out the best rom-coms on Amazon Prime for more great options.

Last Christmas (2019)

at the peak of success game of Thrones And crazy rich asianRespectively, Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding team up for this holiday-themed romantic comedy. It’s about aspiring singer Kate (Clark), who takes a menial job in a Christmas store and falls in love with a handsome, mysterious man named Tom (Golding).

Kate spends more and more time with Tom, as she is attracted to him and wants to get away from her troubled life and family situation. When Kate realizes that there are a lot of strange things about Tom that don’t add up, the two eventually spend time apart. She also wants to work on herself. The plot takes a twist at the end of last Christmas Something fans won’t see coming. The film delivers all the emotions you’d expect from a traditional rom-com, and then some.

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Mixed (2014)

Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore have worked together for the big screen many times, miscellaneous This is another hilarious comedy showcasing the pair’s off-the-chart chemistry. They star as single parents: Lauren (Barrymore) is divorced and Jim (Sandler) is widowed. After going on a fateful blind date, fate takes a turn for the worst and they end up at the same safari resort on vacation with their kids.

It’s a predictable comedy about two people who finally get to know each other without the pressure of dating and judgment. But the laughs leading up to that point are what really make this movie. It’s totally fun to see the pair forced to go on various outings together and deal with other eccentric couples. Apart from this, Bella Thorne, Terry Crews, Kevin Nealon, bridesmaids Actresses Wendi McLendon-Covey, and Joel McHale, miscellaneous This is silly humor at its finest. If you’re a fan of Sandler’s other projects, which also star Barrymore first 50 meetings And the wedding Singer, miscellaneous Worth seeing.

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Merry X-Mas (2022)

Don’t be confused by the new Amazon Original movie xmas (or the 2014 film of the same name), my first month Takes a very different twist on the concept. Instead of two ex-lovers battling it out, the film is about two former high school sweethearts who suddenly get stuck in the same hotel during a snowstorm. What else to do besides hang out and talk at bars? Was it fate? It can be possible. As the pair reminisce and talk about their new adult lives, they realize there may still be a spark between them.

Starring Kieran Hutchison and Vanessa Angel, my first month Won’t introduce any crazy twists or turns. It’s exactly what you’d expect from a holiday-themed rom-com. But this is one of those films that will remind the audience of their first love.

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