3 SNL Digital Shorts you should watch right now

Pete Davidson plays Stu in an SNL digital short in a white tank and dark circles around his eyes.

From Laser Cats to Lazy Sundays, Captain Jack Sparrow to Michael Bolton on a boat, Timothée Chalamet and his Tiny Horse, and Natalie Portman passionately rapping profanity and sexually charged lyrics, Saturday night Live Digital Shorts have been a fan favorite for years. Andy Samberg arguably started this trend with his comedy group The Lonely Island and their parody music videos and songs.

They became so popular that some songs reached the top of the charts after being introduced by Shorts. The torch was passed to Pete Davidson, who became popular for starring in several digital shorts during his time as a cast member. In the current season, the writing team behind the latest digital shorts known as Please Do Not Destroy are taking their new take on the trend.

Whether classic or relatively new digital shorts, fans of long-running comedy sketch series often gravitate toward a mix of their favorites. these three snl Digital Shorts are what you should be watching right now. Once you’re done, check out our list of the 10 funniest SNL skits of all time.

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D**k in a Box (Season 32, 2006)

it’s a classic snl A digital miniature, but one that never gets old. Not surprisingly, it always resurfaces around the holiday season. Featuring a song written by Samberg and The Lonely Island, it features Samberg dressed like ’90s boy banders (comparable to the members of Color Me Badd) alongside pop star Justin Timberlake. The suit and brightly colored shirt along with a gift-wrapped gift strategically placed above each of their nether regions. This raunchy song is about their thoughtful gift (you can guess what it is) in the style of an over-the-top fake music video. The lucky women receiving the gifts are his girlfriends, played by Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig. He plays the typical role of wooing women in 90s music videos.

It’s not just the songs and lyrics that make D**k in a box A must see is how committed both men are to the performance. If you weren’t listening to the song, you might think it was an actual ’90s music video featuring two highly expressive heartthrob musicians. not surprisingly, D**k in a box Became a viral hit sensation, with millions of views on YouTube and counting. It is widely considered one of the best Christmas-themed digital shorts snl History.

This (Season 46, 2020)

Another Christmas-themed sketch, Stu features Pete Davidson playing the title character, a parody of the fictional character Stan from the Eminem song and music video of the same name. In the sad song, an obsessed fan repeatedly sends letters to Eminem, and becomes more and more frustrated when he does not receive a reply. As time goes on, his words become more violent and angry, his voice and actions matching the intensity with each one. In the end, the man tragically died by suicide before Eminem had a chance to respond.

snl And Davidson takes the tragic but fictional story and, as is customary for sketch comedy shows, makes it humorous. In this version, Stu is excitedly writing a letter to Santa (played by Jason Bateman in the digital short’s introduction sketch), rapping as he loudly writes down his wishes. What does he want? He is desperate for a Sony PS5, which, at the time the episode aired, was the most coveted gift and the hardest to find. The best part of the digital short, other than the Elton John impersonation for the remixed bridge, comes at the end when Eminem himself makes a brief cameo appearance.

United Way (Season 32, 2007)

Also from Season 32, fans laughed hysterically at Peyton Manning’s digital short about volunteering with a youth group for the United Way. It’s supposed to be a PSA for the organization and all the great work Manning has done, but in the end it paints him as a terrible person. He yells at the children, insults them, reads them gossip magazines, teaches them how to break into cars, and even gives them tattoos. It might not be funny otherwise, but because the short is so over the top and Manning’s image is so clean, it’s brilliant.

The laughs come immediately when Manning gets ugly and hits a kid in the face with a football, setting the tone for the hilarity to come. “Get your head out of your ass!” He yells at the kid who misses the catch. “you suck!” This behavior is completely out of character for Manning, but his solid acting makes Short an unexpected charmer and fan favorite.

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