3 underrated movies on Prime Video you need to watch in Dece…

There are a lot of movies on Amazon Prime Video. Although you may be eager to check out all the new and classic Christmas movies available on streaming sites this December, there are plenty of other movies worth checking out outside of the holiday genre. There’s also a movie in particular that is technically a Christmas movie, but it’s not your typical holiday movie to watch with kids.

The underrated movies on Prime Video you should watch in December include the aforementioned violent holiday movie, a fun comedy starring the late Matthew Perry, and a thrilling action flick about a hitman and betrayal. If none of these suit your fancy, check out our list of the best movies on Amazon Prime Video.

Violent Night (2022)

Violent Night – Official Trailer

If you’re looking for a Christmas movie that you can watch after the kids go to bed, violent night Offers a perfect blend of holiday fun and action with its complex tale of a vigilante Santa. David Harbor plays Mr. Claus, who descends the chimney to discover that a wealthy family is being held hostage by mercenaries.

Santa springs into action and shows he can do more than just ride a sleigh, deliver gifts, and be happy. He’s a bona fide superhero with a personality that’s a little darker than the children’s. Critics call it pure, unadulterated entertainment that completely lives up to its R rating. Harbor’s Santa Creates Billy Bob Thornton bad santa Look humble in comparison.

Stream violent night On Prime Video.

17 Again (2009)

17 Again (2009) Official Trailer – Zac Efron, Matthew Perry Movie HD

instead of excitement Friend For the umpteenth time, enjoy another performance from Matthew Perry in this teen fantasy comedy where he stars alongside Zac Efron. In 17 again, Perry is Mike, a man who, after an accident, becomes trapped in his own younger body, played by Efron. Mike’s life takes some unexpected turns when his girlfriend becomes pregnant, resulting in him being deprived of the usual joys of young adulthood. Now he has a second chance.

But as he re-adapts to life as a free-spirited 17-year-old, he begins to learn things about his teenage counterparts. Mike realizes that he may have been sent back to help them, not to relive his youth. A wonderful sweet, light comedy, 17 again Perfect for viewing during the holiday season.

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Police Shop (2021)

Copshop Trailer #1 (2021) | MovieClips Trailer

You might have completely missed it when this action thriller was released a few years ago, but police shop It’s a fun watch. Gerard Butler and Frank Grillo headline the film, which centers on Teddy (Grillo), a con artist and fixer who is on the run from a hitman named Bob (Butler). When the two end up in jail and it becomes clear that something is going on between them, police officer Valerie (Alexis Lauder) presses for the truth. New hitmen emerge, as well as betrayals and an intense cat-and-mouse game.

police shop It received rave reviews, with critics praising its faithfulness to the old-fashioned action genre. It’s simple, but will keep you engaged the whole way through.

Stream police shop On Prime Video.

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