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Rockstar finally released the first trailer of the highly anticipated film grand theft auto 6 It leaked early on Monday night. It has been viewed more than 77 million times in less than 24 hours. Rockstar isn’t revealing much beyond what’s shown in the trailer. gta 6, Rockstar Games founder Sam Houser said in a press release that Rockstar wants to “push the boundaries of what’s possible in highly immersive, story-driven open-world experiences.”

Because the trailer appears to be in-engine and features scenes that will be in the final game, there are a lot of things to take in from this teaser shown by Rockstar. I have watched the trailer several times and these are the five things I liked the most.

The story is inspired by Bonnie and Clyde…

Lucia and her partner rob a store in GTA 6.
Rockstar Games

GTA 6’s The reveal trailer emphasized Lucia, but it appears she won’t be the game’s sole “protagonist.” We see him driving around and robbing stores with the help of an unnamed male companion. This trailer, along with the 2022 leak, hints at just that gta 6 Bonnie and Clyde will tell a story inspired by the exploits of a pair of robbers and lovers who carried out a series of robberies during the Great Depression. Like the relationship between Michael, Franklin and Trevor grand theft auto v, It seems like the pair will play an important role in the story of GTA 6.

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…and it can’t end well

Lucia being interviewed in prison in Grand Theft Auto VI.
Rockstar Games

while having some fun Bonnie and Clyde movements can be the most GTA 6’s story, I doubt this relationship will last. Most obviously, the trailer begins with Lucia going to jail and ends with her and her partner reaffirming their trust in each other. If there’s one thing GTA players know from the stories of the series, it’s that betrayal is common. All this seems to be reaffirmed by the trailer’s song selection: Tom Petty’s love is a long road, Looking more closely at the lyrics of that song, it is about giving up a lot to be with someone you love and how hard it can be to leave such a relationship. The groundwork for an emotionally devastating betrayal twist is already being laid here; It remains to be seen whether the betrayer is Lucia or her partner. And it’s worth mentioning that Bonnie and Clyde were shot by the police

A Saints Row facility may have been implemented.

Video of a woman climbing on top of a car and spinning in the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI.
Rockstar Games

This first trailer was more cinematic than gameplay-focused, so it obviously doesn’t reveal much about important gameplay features. It still insists that players will be able to control vehicles ranging from boats to airplanes to motorcycles to cars. The trailer also includes some scenes of people who have climbed onto the sides or top of cars, which is something that isn’t really possible to do organically. gta v, gta 6 This could potentially allow people to climb around or on top of cars instead of allowing them to drive and shoot from the driver’s or passenger seat. It’s actually something that is ridiculed a lot Saints Row The reboot did quite well, so implementing it could potentially be a way for Rockstar to show how other open-world games influenced it.

First-person mode may return

A man in his underwear watering his lawn in Grand Theft Auto VI.
Rockstar Games

Historically, GTA games were third-person affairs, but that changed in 2014. gta v Came to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with a new first-person gameplay mode. Many scenes in the trailer appear to be from a first-person perspective. While this may just be a stylistic choice by the people who made the trailer, I also think it’s a pretty solid sign that the first-person gameplay mode will be back. gta 6, Hopefully, this will create a good balance between the two StarfieldAnd doesn’t leave the third-person gameplay behind.

Lots of real Florida references

A fight between a man and a crocodile in Grand Theft Auto VI.
Rockstar Games

If you were worried that GTA would lose its satirical edge because of how ridiculous world events have felt over the past decade gta v release, this trailer refutes that notion. It does not shy away from exposing and criticizing the excesses of American culture. Vice City is a city in Leonidas, GTA’s fictional version of Florida. Rockstar Games takes full aim at the “Florida Man” trope in this trailer, with guys fighting alligators or leaving a trailer of mayhem wherever they party. When it comes to the internet, politics, and generational culture, a lot has changed since GTA V came out in 2013, but Rockstar still has a keen sense of what it needs to poke fun at with Vice City. Is.

grand theft auto 6 Releasing for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S in 2025.

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