8 Holiday Gifts for the Content Creator in Your Life

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A content creator talks about several gifts on her wish list, like headphones, a calendar, and a microphone.

If you’re like me, you’re probably still racking your brains trying to find the perfect gift for your loved ones this holiday season. And if your favorite person is a content creator, you may be even more confused about what to get them.

Luckily, I’m an experienced content creator as well as an expert gift giver, and — with the help of a few other savvy creators — I’ve put together this list of gifts to consider for the creative in your life.

So, whether you want to spoil a friend or please yourself, here are some of the items on almost every content creator’s wish list.

1. Planner or calendar

2. High quality microphone or mic accessories

3. Lightweight Bag

4. Ring Light

5. Personalized workplace decor

6. Subscribe to an online course or workshop from their favorite influencer

7. Subscription to their favorite software or platform

8. Gift Card

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8 gifts for content creators

1. Planner or calendar

Content creators have a lot to offer. For example, I have to plan and conduct interviews, schedule social media posts, handle research, and meet deadlines for my podcast and YouTube channel.

Although there are plenty of digital content management tools and platforms out there to manage these tasks, I’ve found that it doesn’t hurt for creators to have a physical calendar or planner to stay organized.

“It’s a little old school but still a great way to stay on top of projects,” says Lisa de la Cruz of The Wonder of Anime. “You can write down your monthly, weekly or daily tasks and complete them.”

“The physical act of writing something down also helps with memory retention, so things don’t slip through the cracks,” she explains.

and I agree.

I have a hard time remembering deadlines or checking the digital calendar on my phone or laptop, so I find it helps to write on a large calendar like the one below and keep it in front of my bed because it’s the first thing I do in the morning. I will see.

large wall calendar

image Source

If a giant calendar is a little too extreme, choose a planner like the Planberry Large Weekly Planner, which Lisa highly recommends.

“It has monthly and weekly spreads, as well as sections specifically aimed at goal setting,” she says. “Each month and quarter there is a reflection section to review your goals and what worked. What did versus what didn’t work.”

Planberry Weekly Calendar

image Source

2. High quality microphone or mic accessories

I remember the first video I filmed for a music blog I ran in college. I was interviewing a pop-punk band outside a sold-out venue without a microphone, so you can imagine the crowd noise and the band playing on stage.

Actually, you don’t have to imagine. You can watch the video below and hear how the background noise almost drowned out the artists I interviewed.

I’ve learned the importance of quality audio equipment the hard way, and if you want to avoid the same fate or want to help the content creator in your life create quality content, consider purchasing a high-quality microphone or mic accessory for them. Consider it.

podcast Victoria Johnson of the Sailor Moon Fan Club Podcast Blue recommends Snowball Microphones for creators early in their journey.

“This is a good, affordable microphone for a content creator who is just starting their journey,” she says. “I’ve been using it since 2015, and it’s sturdy, reliable and offers good quality for its price.”

The Blue Snowball Mic can be purchased through Amazon, Logitech, or Best Buy with prices ranging from $39.99 to $49.99.

blue snowball mike

image Source

If you’re willing to invest a little more money, cosplayer and content creator Kumar says professional wireless microphones and mobile adapters are excellent gifts for creators who often film on their smartphones.

“If you make a lot of videos where you’re talking or interviewing other people, a good microphone that’s compatible with your phone is important,” he says. “Sure, the phone’s internal mic can get through on some occasions, but it usually doesn’t sound as loud as it could be.”

Kumar warns that relying on your phone’s microphone could pose a problem if you’re doing interviews or recording content in a crowded place, such as a conference or large event.

“Your sound will be drowned out by everything in your environment,” he explains.

Kumar suggests the DJI Mic Mobile Phone Adapter and Wireless GO II by RODE as potential gifts.

“The audio sounds crisp and clear, and people who watch your content will notice that, too,” he says. “And if you ever get a DSLR camera or any type of professional camera, these mics will be compatible with them too!”

The DJI Mic Mobile Phone Adapter is available from DJI for $249, and RODE’s Wireless GO II is available from RODE’s website for $299.

Wireless GO II

image Source

3. Lightweight Bag

This next gift suggestion also comes from Victoria, and honestly, I might just get it for myself this Christmas. Victoria recommends the Lightweight Bag for creators who frequently carry tools or accessories.

“If the content creator in your life starts selling products or has a booth at a convention, the Halkan bag is one of the most convenient things you can have,” she explains. “You can throw it over your shoulder or swing it around to go higher.”

HULKEN also features a zippable flap to protect the items inside from rain or snow, which can be extremely helpful if carrying equipment during less than ideal weather.

“It’s also good if you have a bunch of stuff for cosplay or like cameras and other tech to record content outside the house,” says Victoria.

prices for HULKEN BEHIND starts at $89.99.

light bag

image Source

4. Ring Light

When I first started filming YouTube videos I didn’t have a ring light and would often rely on natural light coming from a nearby window.

This was enough for a while, but it meant filming before dusk or hoping for a sunny day to get the best light.

So, I invested in a ring light for more flexibility in filming, and I recommend purchasing one this holiday season if you or your producer friend doesn’t already have one.

Ring lights are especially important because they typically diffuse through frosted lenses or covers on the LEDs, resulting in softer shadows and flatter illumination.

On average, ring lights cost between a few dollars and $500, but you don’t have to break the bank to get excellent quality.

the one below The Blackmore Pro Audio is similar to mine and can serve as a tripod that holds your smartphone. It’s available at Home Depot for $66.15, and you can get a similar model from Amazon for less than $20.

Ring Light by Blackmore Pro Audio

image Source

5. Personalized workplace decor

You can be creative with this kind of gift.

Many of my favorite content creators incorporate objects like posters, figurines, toys, plants, and home decor into the background of their videos to showcase a bit of their personality or tie the background to the theme of their content.

For example, I talk about anime on my YouTube channel and usually include plush toys of my favorite anime characters in the background.

So, for the creator in your life, think about the theme of their content or quirky interests and find things that would make their background appealing.

Websites like Redbubble offer a variety of posters and tapestries based on comics, manga, and pop culture.

pop culture poster from redbubble

image Source

You can also hire an artist from Etsy to create a custom neon sign with the gift recipient’s username, logo, or tagline.

Neon signs from Etsy

image Source

6. Subscribe to an online course or workshop from their favorite influencer

Many content creators, influencers, and thought leaders host online courses or workshops in which creators can learn how to leverage content and influencer marketing and generate income from content creation.

For example, Founder’s CEO teaches a course called “How to Go from 0 to 500K Followers in 12 Months” and shares tips on how creators can grow their business.

HubSpot Academy also offers a variety of free content creation and digital marketing certifications to build a creator’s skills and build their audience.

This holiday season, consider investing in courses for yourself or your life’s creator to unlock the keys to successful content marketing.

Follow content from creators you admire or a loved one and see if they have any courses, webinars, or workshops you can purchase for yourself or a friend.

7. Subscription to their favorite software or platform

Although there are free and low-cost ways for creators to edit, schedule, and promote their content, many find it beneficial to invest in platforms and software to produce their best work or stay organized.

For example, Content creator Chris Dillon recommends purchasing a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud.

“It has every creative tool you could need to create content,” he says. “If you’re a student or faculty member and you have school email, you can sign up for $20 monthly on a one-year contract.” “Can access everything the cloud has to offer.”

A year-long subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud is available through Best Buy, B&H Photo Video and more for up to $659, depending on the plan.

Lisa says a 1-year subscription to productivity and note-taking app Notion could also be an excellent gift for creators.

“It’s a connected workspace with hundreds of free templates to manage content creation, deadlines, finances, and more,” she explains. “The content creation calendar is a game changer, making it easier to seamlessly take an idea from an idea to a finished product.”

Notion has a free tier, and packages for groups start at $8 per month, billed annually.

8. Gift Card

When I’m unsure what to give someone but want to show them I care, I give them a gift card so they can purchase items they love or need. Gift cards can be a valuable gift for creators too.

“There are a lot of tools or subscriptions that content creators have to use, like Headliner for podcast editing or WordPress or Squarespace for their website,” says Victoria. “A gift card could be the perfect way to offset the costs of many of these monthly or annual plans.”

From the monthly fees I pay to host my podcast, access Adobe Premiere, or purchase manga to review for my YouTube channel, I can attest that content creation can be expensive.

I know I personally would love a gift card or two to keep costs down (subtle hint to any of my friends reading this).

So, whether you’re a creator looking to pamper yourself for the holidays or you want to show the content creator in your life that you support their goals – you now have several thoughtful gifts to choose from.

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