7 most underrated Rick and Morty episodes ever, ranked

rick and morty has become one of the most surprising and entertaining cartoons running today. Each adventure the Smith family takes across the multiverse is a tumultuous and mind-bending story that is guaranteed to make audiences laugh, gasp, and even cry.

Although not every episode can be perfect, there are some episodes that have been overlooked by fans or are worth revisiting. Now that the saga involving Rick Prime and Evil Morty has come to an end, it’s a good time to look back at some of the most underrated adventures to come from the show so far.

7. Anatomy Park

morty in anatomy park "Rick and Morty."
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necessarily Jurassic Park meeting of great tripThe episode sees Rick Morty shrink down to microscopic size with the help of Dr. Xenon Bloom (played by the hilarious John Oliver) to investigate a theme park built inside a diseased homeless man.

At the same time, Jerry tries to host Christmas dinner with his family, but learns that his parents have entered into a polyamorous relationship with another man. Although the B-plot may be weird and not that exciting, not many people give this episode credit for its wild and wacky premise.

6. This way something goes wrong

Rick and Mr. Needful Inn "Rick and Morty."
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In this Jerry-heavy episode, he and Morty are taken to Pluto when insecure Jerry insists that it is a planet, making him popular among the Plutonians. At the same time, Summer gets a job working for the Devil, ironically selling cursed artifacts as Mister Needful, and Rick uses his technology to ruin the Devil’s business.

Jerry may not be everyone’s favorite character, but his time on Pluto makes for a funny, but funny take on the climate change discourse. Plus, Alfred Molina shines as Mr. Needful, and the way Rick and Summer come together in the end sets up the bond that will grow between them in future episodes.

5. Rick and Morty’s Thanksploitation Spectacular

rick and morty as turkey "Rick and Morty."
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Just as he turned himself into pickles to get out of therapy, Rick turns himself and Morty into turkeys in a complicated and ill-conceived attempt to get a pardon from President Curtis. However, the latter proves himself to be just as arrogant and short-sighted as Rick, as he sends a team of black ops turkeys to stop Rick instead of forgiving the turkey.

Naturally, all this silliness leads to Curtis being usurped as US President by an actual turkey, sparking an all-out war between mutant turkeys and alien pilgrims. Oh, and apparently, the Statue of Liberty is a killer robot, and FDR was turned into a giant spider. in classic rick and morty Fashionably, this episode goes off the rails and takes its story in a fantastic and crazy direction, all the while examining the toxic, callous mentality of two powerful people who can’t stand each other. It’s impossible not to like the episode where Keith David plays the President.

4. Reclaiming the Stone

Summer, Morty and Rick are driving in a wasteland "Rick and Morty."
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After their parents’ divorce, Morty and Summer try to cope with the change by moving in with Rick mad Max-Style version of Earth and immerse yourself in the world of Death Stalkers and Blood Domes. As Summer and Morty become more violent in their new environment, the episode explores the isolating and devastating effects of grief on people.

It also displays this with modern technology, showing how Rick’s resources change the Death Stalkers’ society. At least with the Blood Dome, there was a sense of community.

3. Analyze Urine

rick and jerry fighting "Rick and Morty."
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After becoming fed up with fighting multiple comic book-style opponents, Rick eventually attends a solo therapy session and decides to take a break. Meanwhile, Jerry becomes a superhero after defeating and humiliating a supervillain with a silly name.

But when said villain commits suicide, sympathetic Rick decides to redeem his image by making him look like a hero. Despite the episode’s reliance on toilet humor, the story offers a thoughtful glimpse of Rick’s need to become a hero, and his character displays a surprising amount of growth by the end.

2. Jerry’s Star Mort Rickturn

PhoenixPerson Inn "Rick and Morty."
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In this season 4 finale, viewers saw Beth lead a defiance against the “new and improved” Galactic Federation, revealing that Rick had cloned his daughter in the previous season. However, Space Beth discovers that Rick has placed a bomb in her neck, and she goes to confront him and the other Beths.

As a result, Tammy and the Federation return to Earth to confront Smith once again. This culminates in a brilliant and inventive battle between Rick and his brainy friend, the Phoenixperson. It also explores Rick’s need for control and attention, as the Federation views him as non-threatening when he is alone and his family eventually realizes that they do not need anything from him.

1. Gotron Jerrysis Rickvangelion

Smith operating the GoTron Ferrets "Rick and Morty."
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On their way to Boob World, Rick, Morty, and Summer discover the Gotron ferret, and Rick becomes addicted to fighting alien kaiju with his family. However, Summer fulfills her obsession by setting up a multiversal mafia with all versions of her family to obtain more and more Gotrons.

Paying homage to both mecha anime and crime films, the show once again lives up to expectations with a unique and hilarious premise. It’s actually reminiscent of how Dan Harmon used chicken fingers in the parody Mafia movies community, It also pokes fun at the controversial “giant incest baby” storyline, while paying off in the story’s horrifying climax.

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