Where to watch A Charlie Brown Christmas

In A Charlie Brown Christmas, Snoopy and Charlie Brown decorate a Christmas tree.
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For nearly 50 years, Charles M. Schulz wrote and illustrated Groundnut The comic strip that introduced the world to Charlie Brown, his dog, Snoopy, and his supporting cast of memorable characters. However, Schultz’s greatest contribution to pop culture may be his 1965 Christmas special A Charlie Brown Christmas,

Schultz personally wrote the Peanuts Gang’s animated debut, and it was at his insistence that the special did not shy away from acknowledging the religious aspect of Christmas or the commercialization of the holiday that often overshadows the season’s true meaning. It was also Schultz’s idea to find a Christmas tree for Charlie Brown that would symbolize his character’s eternal underdog.

Despite some apprehensions that A Charlie Brown Christmas That would fail, it was a huge hit with critics and audiences, paving the way for it to become an annual holiday tradition broadcast on television. And for 57 years, fans could always count on the discovery A Charlie Brown Christmas When he shared it with his family and children on TV. For the second consecutive year, A Charlie Brown Christmas, will be available only on the streaming platform. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to watch it for free.

Where is A Charlie Brown Christmas streaming?

Two boys play in the snow in A Charlie Brown Christmas.
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If you want to see Charlie and the gang celebrate Christmas, exchanging gifts and celebrating to that signature Vince Guaraldi score, go here apple tv+ To start streaming. Apple joined the streaming wars in November 2020 with the launch of Apple TV+. While the service was previously largely unheralded – a repository for generally overlooked original content – ​​Apple TV+ has used an aggressive promotional model to grow subscriptions to 25 million people (up from 50 million people on temporary promotional access). with).

The streaming service has also made waves with Oscar-winning originals like codeas well as prestige programming such as Will Smith dramas Freedom and comedy/drama series ted lassoWhich won seven Primetime Emmy Awards out of its massive 20 nominations in 2021. Other popular shows on the platform include the Emmy-winning The Morning Showas well as Jacob’s Rescue, bad sisters, legendary questAnd one of its current hits, separation,

when does it A Charlie Brown Christmas Stream to subscribers?

A Charlie Brown Christmas Currently streaming on Apple TV+.

Stream A Charlie Brown Christmas on Apple TV+

How much does it cost?

The cast of A Charlie Brown Christmas.
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Apple TV+ is one of the more affordable streaming services, costing just $7 per month. This is similar to Netflix’s lower-tier, ad-supported subscription and much less than its top $20-per-month premium subscription.

Even better, Apple has adopted a very aggressive acquisition model for Apple TV+. Anyone can try it free for seven days, or you can get three months free with the purchase of any eligible iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple TV device, or Mac. You just have to remember to redeem the offer within 90 days of purchase.

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Is A Charlie Brown Christmas worth watching?

Only if you like perfection. Yes, it’s over half a century old and the animation is dated (or retro, depending on your perspective), but it’s as charming as can be, and perfect for anyone getting into the Christmas mood.

Plus, it’s fun. You forget how packed with laughs these Peanuts specials are, and Schultz is at his best with this special. Who can forget Lucy’s wise advice to poor Charlie or Snoopy’s antics? A Charlie Brown Christmas Takes advantage of nostalgia for “simpler times” without being too concerned about it.

On rotten tomatoes, A Charlie Brown Christmas It recorded 85% on Tomatometer and an audience score of 86%. The special program runs just over 25 minutes, and was directed by Bill Melendez.

Stream A Charlie Brown Christmas Today on Apple TV+.

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