All Lunchbox locations in Alan Wake 2

collectibles are nothing new Alan Wake series. In the first game the primary trinkets you’d be poking around for were coffee thermoses, but they now serve as save spots Alan Wake 2. There are several new types taking their place, such as Cult Stash and Nursery Rhymes, but they are more puzzles than pure collectibles. Alex Casey Lunchboxes are pure, hidden objects that simply need to be found to unlock – no puzzles or keys required. Besides the trophy/achievement you get for finding them all, what’s inside them is more than worth the effort of collecting them. No, it’s not someone’s leftover sandwich, but valuable manuscript fragments needed to upgrade the saga’s guns. We’ve all lost track of lunchboxes in the past, so here’s where you can find them all alan wake 2,

All Lunchbox Locations

Every major area you visit as Saga alan wake 2, you can get a total of 21 Alex Casey lunchboxes. Each has a few manuscript fragments and a little mysterious or spooky note attached to it for some additional lore.

Cauldron Lake Lunchbox

Map of Lake Cauldron in Alan Wake 2.
Remedy Entertainment

Cauldron Lake has the most lunchboxes to catch, with a total of eight to track down.

  • After descending a small ledge, head to the Mortar Falls sign in the North Loop on the map.
  • Go to the location of the witch’s hut, then go back to the left and look at the bushes.
  • Behind the FBC monitoring station is a small ledge that you can climb on to find a lunchbox.
  • East of the Witchfinder Station, you can find a small path of eggs leading to the box.
  • Follow the river from private cabins on the north bank where it becomes a waterfall. Check the base near the rocks for a lunchbox.
  • Head to the campsite south of the murder site to find a small abandoned camp with a lunchbox among the items.
  • From the general store go north towards the main road and keep an eye on the left side of the road for a lunchbox.
  • In the main cabin, which you have to enter through the third cabin from the back, loot the box just inside.

Bright Falls Lunchbox

A map of Bright Falls.
Remedy Entertainment

Seven lunchboxes are hidden across Bright Falls, but most are on the western edge of the map.

  • Once you cross the bridge from Bunker Woods, walk past the break room and go straight instead of taking the fork in the road.
  • Inside the Nursing Home, go to the office above the rec room on the first floor.
  • It’s in the middle of the divided path, behind the nursing home.
  • Stay on the left side of the road, just north of the ranger station.
  • Following the same road, this time go to the coast and find this lunchbox on the beach.
  • There is another box in the open just outside the southwest corner of Billy’s Boat Yard.
  • Easily seen outside the gazebo in the city’s Baltimore Avenue Park.

Coffee World Lunchbox

Coffee world map in alan wake 2.
Remedy Entertainment

The final six are enjoying Lunchbox Coffee World.

  • Go as far north as you can, up to the radio tower, and the box is on the edge of the cliff.
  • Before you enter Coffee World, take the fork in the road to the north and find the box near a tent.
  • Going through the southern exit of Coffee World, turn left and look behind the giant coffee pot.
  • Look near the swing set inside the Lighthouse Trailer Park.
  • Head north from the Knight’s Workshop to some parked boats and look between them.
  • Just north of the break room leading to the lighthouse, this box is in the middle of a small plateau.

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