Alan Wake 2 preload guide: release time, file size, and preo…

It’s time to dust off your typewriter, fill your thermos with coffee and dive into the palaces of your mind because alan wake 2 Set to take us back to the dark and disturbing world of Bright Falls and the Dark Place. Fans have been eagerly awaiting the next chapter of the horror author’s story for over a decade, and it’s almost time for all the secrets to be revealed. It’s fitting that this more horror-focused sequel is arriving in the spooky month of October, and now we know exactly when you can join Allen and newcomer Saga to put an end to the evil forces at work. Aside from a flashlight and some fresh batteries, here are all the preload details you need to know alan wake 2,

alan wake 2 release time

alan wake 2 It will be released on October 26th at 9pm PT and October 27th at midnight on your local counterpart on the East Coast and around the world. The map above shows all the major time zones for you.

alan wake 2 file size

As per PC requirements, alan wake 2 Requires 90GB of free space, so the game should come in around this number. The console file size is still unclear, but should be in the same range, so be safe and make sure you have at least 100GB free.

alan wake 2 preload option

If you want to skip ahead and preload the game alan wake 2 So you can start playing as soon as it launches, with preloading becoming available on October 25th, so just a day before the full release in some time zones.

alan wake 2 preorder details

If you want to pre-order the digital-only alan wake 2You can either get the standard edition with just the game, or the deluxe edition which comes with the expansion pass and some weapon skins and costumes.

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