Holy smokes! This bundle of 240 AA and AAA batteries is 69% …

Two stacks containing 120 AA and 120 AAA Amazon Basics batteries.
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Today we kind of take it for granted that any device we get will come with its own rechargeable battery. when we to do Get a device that requires batteries – usually AA or AAA – there is often an associated level of “pain” with this news. Kitchen cabinets are opened and closed, the ubiquitous junk drawer is sifted through, and possibly a trip to the store is required. Why can’t everything use USB-C cables again? In any case, you can get 240 batteries, 120 AA, and 120 AAA for just over $47 on Woot right now. Not only will this save you the trouble of finding batteries when you need them, but it will also save you $103 from the starting price of $150. These batteries are only on sale while supplies last or until the 30th, so be sure to tap the button below and pick up yours today.

Why you should buy AA and AAA Amazon Basics batteries

It’s a bit surprising, but both AA and AAA batteries are needed these days. For example, wireless game controllers may require AA batteries. Smaller TV remotes, such as those that come with most good TVs, likely use AAA batteries. Another peculiarity of batteries is that you really shouldn’t mix and match them too much, as it is important for most devices to have equally powerful batteries. Buying in bulk can be incredibly convenient due to large stocks of equally powerful batteries produced by one individual.

Amazon Basics batteries come with a leak-free shelf life of 10 years, so you should be able to use them without any issues any time over the next decade. However, they are not rechargeable batteries so there is a single use problem. The best rechargeable batteries can get plenty of use cycles, although you’ll have to deal with constantly charging them.

However, be reminded that these batteries will only be on sale for a limited time. Maximum this deal will last till 30th. However, it is impossible to know the exact time when the deal will end. Why? When the supply ends, which can happen at any time, the deal also ends. So, be sure to quickly tap the button below to make sure you get your 240 batteries for just $47, $103 less than the usual $150.

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