My favorite Black Friday tablet deal isn’t an iPad or Androi…

Someone is holding an Amazon Kindle Scribe with its screen on.
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As the section editor for ‘ mobile team, the way I use smartphones, tablets, and other devices is a bit cluttered. I get something new to review, I test it out for a while, and then I have to put it away to focus on whatever is next. This means I don’t have time to use a specific device for very long at a time.

But there is one gadget which has completely broken this rule. This is the Amazon Kindle Scribe – Amazon’s weird tablet/e-reader/notetaking hybrid device. It’s on sale right now for Black Friday 2023, with Best Buy selling the Kindle Scribe for just $280 — that’s a whopping $110 off its usual $390 asking price. This is a model with 32GB storage and Amazon’s premium pen stylus.

A book on Amazon Kindle Scribe.
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The Kindle Scribe is different from most other tablets available today. It doesn’t run Android, it’s not very good at web browsing, and you can’t download apps on it. However, it is the best Kindle e-reader and note-taking machine I have used so far. I started using the Kindle Scribe in November 2022, and fast forward a year later, I have continued to use it every day without failure.

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You get a 10.2-inch E-Ink display on the Kindle Scribe – the largest of any Kindle available today. This lets you read e-books easily with less scrolling, and because of the 300 pixels per inch, text is very sharp. It also has an automatic front light, which means the screen automatically gets brighter or darker depending on your room. Combine this with the adjustable warm light to change the color temperature of the screen, and it’s one of the best you’ll find on a tablet e-reader like this.

To-do list written on Amazon Kindle Scribe.
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It all makes for a beautiful reading experience, but that’s not why I like the Kindle Scribe so much. In addition to being my primary reading device, the Kindle Scribe is also what I use to take notes during each workday.

From jotting down notes during press briefings to managing my daily to-do list, writing on the Kindle Scribe with the included stylus is an incredible experience. I’ve even lost track of how many times I’ve sent a PDF to Writer so I can quickly sign documents for work.

A subtle texture on the screen adds some resistance to the stylus, mimicking the experience of writing on paper with a pencil. There’s also zero lag when you’re writing, and you can choose from a variety of pen styles – including pen, fountain pen, marker, and pencil. And if you want to erase something you’ve written, just flip the stylus over and drag its bottom over what you’ve written. You know, just like a real eraser.

The back of the Amazon Kindle Scribe.
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Compared to more traditional tablets — like the iPad or Amazon’s own Fire Max 11 — the Kindle Scribe is much more limited. But that’s why I like it so much. When I use the Kindle Scribe, I know I’m only going to do one of two things: read a book or take notes. No risk of distraction from scrolling Instagram, watching YouTube or playing marvel snap,

I would happily purchase the Kindle Scribe with the premium pen at its $390 MSRP again and again. If you’re in the market for a tablet right now and are ready for something a little different than usual, $280 for the Amazon Kindle Scribe is one of the best tablet deals you can find.

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