Among Us could be the next hit video game movie like Five Ni…

Some astronauts from Among Us and Freddy Fazbear from Five Nights at Freddy's.

After decades of mocking their source material, video game movies are set to explode at the box office in 2023. With $574.9 million at the box office, super mario bros movie It is second only to all the films domestically this year. barbieis $635.9 million. Even more surprising, five nights at freddy’s With a gross of $113.6 million since its release on October 27, it proves that even indie video games can become blockbuster movies.

When this kind of success happens, Hollywood studios line up to produce anything they think will be the next success. so what’s next five nights at freddy’s, is our choice among us, Innersloth’s unpredictable gaming franchise. And now, we’ll share three reasons why among us Could be the next video game movie sensation.

It’s got a fantastic, low-key sci-fi premise

The Among Us crew plays Among Us.

among us It’s a premise that sci-fi fans have seen dozens of times before, but never quite like this. The game places players in the multicolored shoes of a spaceship crew, where one or more players are secretly an alien impostor. The impostor’s goal is to prevent himself from being exposed by secretly sabotaging the ship, killing other players, and placing the blame on other characters.

difference between movies like talk And this is the way it plays out in the base game among us Always plays it for fun. Even when an innocent crew member is thrown into outer space or brutally murdered, it’s still extremely funny due to its deceptively simple character design and light touch that make it accessible to all ages. Allows to appeal to the people.

Never underestimate the power of brand identity

The deceiver strikes among us.

Hollywood is always looking for the next big brand to adapt. In some ways, the studios are no different from the aliens that eat the crew in some incarnations of this game. As we speak, studio executives are likely considering options for which video games are still available, and which ones could be made into movies and TV shows.

among us It had the good fortune of becoming extremely popular even during the pandemic, when people were forced to stay at home. This gave the brand a boost that would be very useful when called upon in Hollywood. Which brings us to our final reason among us is next friday five nights,

It’s already getting an animated series

The crew comes together in our midst.

Making a live-action adaptation of among us Wouldn’t be impossible, but it wouldn’t be the same without those adorable, armless astronauts in brightly colored costumes. Frankly, animation is clearly the best way to adapt the game’s charm, and an animated series is already in development.

Via Variety, CBS Eye Animation Productions and Innersloth signed a deal to produce the among us animated series last summer. Owen Dennis, creator of the iconic fan-favorite animated series Infinity Trainwill executive produce and produce among us Cartoon. From there, it’s really not that big a jump among us To finally get his own animated film. If fans respond positively to the animated series, there’s no limit among us,

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