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Family Sharing AncestryDNA Black Friday Deal Kit

For Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, most people will be scanning the huge selection of deals on electronics, entertainment, smart home, and home goods, and who can blame them? This year there are more amazing discounts being offered than ever before. Personally, I choose specific services and items for sale, like AncestryDNA® and Ancestry® gift subscriptions. You can learn a lot about your past, especially your ancestors and DNA. Right now, for Black Friday and Cyber ​​Week, Ancestry is offering 50% off many of its products.

The AncestryDNA kit is 50% off, bringing the base kit down to just $49 – we’ll talk about what’s included next. AncestryDNA gift memberships are also on sale, which is the perfect way to give the gift of experiences to friends and family. You can also get these at 50% discount. In fact, for the regular price of one kit, you can get two kits, one for yourself and one for a relative. What a way to start the holiday season, isn’t it?

Why you should buy AncestryDNA and Ancestry Gift subscriptions this holidays

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Let’s start with AncestryDNA kits and what they can offer you. It’s no secret that analyzing DNA is the key to unlocking a variety of insights. But with the Symptom Kit, you can also learn about individual symptoms through the physical symptoms you can see or hidden symptoms, like fitness and nutrient levels. You may also have symptoms you may not be aware of. With both kits, you can also match DNA connections, such as long-lost relatives or distant relations, perhaps living near you. Or, you may learn where you and your family come from. For example, perhaps you are Munster Irish?

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When it comes to Genealogy Gifts memberships, it’s worth noting that depending on the membership you choose, you’ll be able to receive different information. The World Explorer subscription will show you not only local US records and information, but also international records, such as photos, military records, and even news articles.

Gift subscriptions allow you to give that knowledge and that same discovery experience to the people you love. Friends, family, and anyone you wish to subscribe to can use Genealogy to learn more deeply about their origins and heritage. Like the Ancestry Standard Membership, the Gift Membership is categorized with three options to choose from, including Ancestry DNA US Discovery, World Explorer, and All Access Membership.

Best of all, for Black Friday and Cyber ​​Week, through November 27th, you can save 50% on all Ancestry gift subscriptions and Ancestry DNA kits. To give you an example, base AncestryDNA is available for just $49 with this deal, normally $99. You can also gift the same DNA kit for $49. All Gift membership tiers are also 50% off, so it’s up to you which one you choose. What are you waiting for? Isn’t it time you learned your own origin story?

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