The best charger I’ve ever used has a huge Black Friday disc…

Anker 747 charger on the table.
Joe Maring/

Smartphone chargers are a necessity for all of us, but unless you’re a self-proclaimed nerd, they’re probably not something you spend much time thinking about. And I don’t blame you! But let’s throw that logic out the window for a few minutes while I tell you why your Black Friday purchases should include one of the best chargers I’ve ever used.

I am talking about Anker 747. This is one of the most powerful chargers sold by Anker, which also means it’s one of the more expensive chargers. The Anker 747 normally sells for $110 – a price I’ll happily pay. But during Black Friday 2023, you can buy it for as low as $80. A $30 savings is nothing to scoff at, especially when the 747 is as good as it is.

Anker 747 charger next to an Apple charger.
Anker 747 next to Apple’s 30W charger. Joe Maring/

What makes the Anker 747 such a good charger? It all starts with the ports. You get three USB-C ports and one USB-A port – providing a total power output of 150 watts. That’s a lot of power, and Anker packs it inside a charger that’s not much larger than Apple’s 30W charger. This is all made possible thanks to gallium nitride technology, and it’s nothing if not impressive.

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In real-world use, this means you can charge up to four devices simultaneously on the Anker 747 and get fast charging speeds for all of them. The USB-A port offers charge speeds up to 22.5W, and depending on how you use the USB-C port, you’ll get speeds as low as 100W and up to 150W. That’s more than enough horsepower to quickly charge the iPhone 15 Pro, Google Pixel 8, Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, and just about any phone on the market. And the Anker 747 isn’t just great for phones. It’s perfect for charging wireless earbuds, smartwatches, and even laptops.

The Anker 747 is also special in how it handles multi-device charging. If you plug in two phones – one with 30% battery left and the other with 70% – the charger can tell that one of the phones has less battery and will give priority to the one with the faster charge speed. Anker also bundles it with its ActiveShield 2.0 technology, which monitors the temperature of your devices to ensure they don’t overheat.

Anker 747 charger on the table.
Joe Maring/

It may seem a little silly to rave so much about a charger, but I can’t stress enough how excellent the Anker 747 is. I’ve been using it for over a year and have yet to find a charger that suits my life better. When I’m home, I can leave the 747 plugged in on my desk and have access to every port I need throughout the day. When I travel, this is the only charging brick I have to take with me. And I get the convenience of having multiple ports on a single charger without worrying about speed or safety. This is an incredible package.

Eighty dollars is still a lot of money to spend on a charger, but trust me when I say it’s 110% worth every penny. It has legitimately changed how I use and charge all my gadgets for the better, and I don’t know how I function without it. it is Chargers to buy this Black Friday. It’s that simple.

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