Apple has an iPad shocker planned for early 2024

12.9-inch iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard.
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The promised promise is barely a few months away. We’ve been hearing rumors of an OLED iPad Pro for the past few years, but in early 2024, Apple will finally give its premium tablet the screen upgrade we’ve all been anxiously waiting for.

According to Bloomberg, the iPad Pro 2024 will offer an OLED screen and natural silicon upgrade to the M3 generation. Currently under development under the code names J717, J718, J720 and J721, these new iPads will have 13-inch or 11-inch form factors.

Lots of iPad Pro upgrades

The back of the iPad Pro (2022) is space gray in color.
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We’re not sure if a design overhaul is coming or not, but a previous report from Bloomberg mentioned that the 2024 iPad Pro lineup will be “the first major update to the product since 2018.” There has been some talk about a glass back that could allow wireless charging, but nothing concrete has been revealed yet.

In addition to the display and silicon upgrades, Apple is reportedly redesigning the Magic Keyboard. Instead of a matte rubberized finish, Apple is reportedly going to use aluminum on the keyboard to make it feel more like a MacBook. It remains to be seen whether it will get niceties like a dedicated escape key.

Apple also has a new stylus ready to go with its next-generation tablet. Once again, details about its design and features are scant, but it will be the top-end successor to the Apple Pencil 2, meaning you can safely expect magnetic charging, higher pressure sensitivity, and better latency figures, among other potential areas. Can expect from. Of improvement.

Oh, wait, an iPad Air surprise?

iPad Air 5 back in hand.
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The iPad Pro upgrade certainly sounds like a welcome bundle of year-over-year changes, but an iPad Air surprise is also just around the corner. The latest report from Bloomberg mentions a new 12.9-inch size for the next-generation Air tablet.

So far, Apple has only offered the iPad Air in a 10.9-inch variant that is closer to the 11-inch iPad Pro model. However, it appears that the company wants to provide more options to tablet buyers. This is both good and bad news.

On the one hand, the iPad Air makes the leap to desktop-class M-series processors without the same premium asking price as the Pro models. But an 11-inch screen isn’t always the best choice for creatives, especially when it comes to tasks like video editing and sketching.

For an audience that needs the combination of a big screen and a fast processor without the high price tag, the 12.9-inch iPad Air seems like a match made in heaven.

On the other hand, there would be no point spending money on the 12.9-inch iPad Air as Apple is already locking a lot of features into the Pro model. Take, for example, apps like Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro, which won’t be that different from the Pro variants.

Ports of AAA gaming titles (e.g. resident Evil, Also limited to Pro models with M-series processors.

Using the Apple iPad Air 5.
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Then there is the possibility of a silicon bifurcation strategy. Apple now follows a two-tier strategy of A-series processors for iPhones. The A17 Pro inside the iPhone 15 Pro has a 6-core GPU, while the A16 in the iPhone 15 has a 5-core GPU. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Apple follow a similar approach or simply keep the memory separate between the Pro and Air models.

Either way, it’s just going to create more confusion for buyers rather than offering a more diverse tablet portfolio to choose from. But after all, this is Apple, and it can definitely think of some ways to attract buyers to buy the 12.9-inch iPad Air.

Let’s hope Apple keeps the Assistant position consistent, especially for the Magic Keyboard.

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