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A zombie attacks the player in Arizona Sunshine 2.

arizona sunshine 2

MSRP $60.00

“Arizona Sunshine 2’s technical problems prevent an otherwise solid zombie VR shooter from reaching its full potential.”


  • exciting campaign set pieces

  • Smart VR controls and level design

  • fun gang mode


  • annoying hero

  • Frame rate drops and glitches

  • frequent crashes

in one arizona sunshine 2In the most thrilling set, I had to get in front of a moving train as it headed towards a broken bridge. I carefully lifted the corpses from each car of the train, a physical exercise as I had to climb over the sides of the cars. In between those moments of intensity, I felt a surge of power as I used a minigun that could chew up all the corpses coming my way and a flamethrower that let me incinerate the undead. all in this order arizona sunshine 2The best gameplay systems sang loudly, and being in virtual reality increased my immersion in what was happening.

That thrilling experience stopped suddenly, not when the train hit the bridge, but when the game crashed after I completed the level.

he defines tension arizona sunshine 2, a wildly fun VR zombie shooter battling a multitude of technical problems. Between the visual glitches and the frequent game crashes, Vertigo Games’ latest is an exciting action experience that you’ll want to hold off on until it’s cleared enough to stop the train on the tracks.

absolutely ridiculous

arizona sunshine 2 The game puts players in the virtual reality situation of a terrified, unnamed survivor living alone in a post-apocalyptic world. He has become obsessed with himself and talks to corpses as if they were a single being named Fred. His dull existence becomes more interesting when a helicopter crashes, he finds a dog in the wreckage, and is instructed to bring that dog to other surviving humans. It’s a relatively unusual post-apocalyptic story about a man finding friendship in an unlikely place after the end of the world. It’s unfortunate that it never impressed me because of how irritating Survivor is.

A helicopter crashes in Arizona Sunshine 2.
Vertigo Games

Sky Soleil nails it and gives a charismatic performance, but everything that comes out of this character’s mouth is horribly lame. This seems to be intentional on the developer’s part as they wanted to show how deprived of conversation the survivors are, but it was repulsive rather than disturbingly charming, like this type of character could be in ideal postapocalyptic media. Is last man on earth, Despite the story’s efforts in its final few levels, it never devolves into being understandably unlikable.

Part of what makes virtual reality games appealing is that they can immerse you in a world as a character. While I see the potential for a playable VR character that is more detailed and well-written, I felt annoyed whenever arizona sunshine 2 Tried to do this. Whenever he says something like he “gives good head” when I got a headshot or poetically explains where a dog’s testicles go after being neutered, I feel like throwing myself into the crowd of corpses and taking off the headset. The wish came true.

Masters of VR

Thankfully, Vertigo Games’ VR shooter gameplay has been refined enough to warrant some eye-popping writing. the best compliment i can give arizona sunshine 2 Does it just feel right to play? I’ve played several VR shooters since getting my PSVR2 headset, and it seems like each game has its own take on how gameplay elements like moving, climbing, holding weapons, and reloading should work. Vertigo Games made the right control decisions on almost all fronts.

The sliding movement feels just as fluid as a console shooter and never made me feel sick (a teleportation-based control scheme and plenty of toggleable movement and accessibility modifiers are present for more nauseated players). Climbing is like pressing and pulling a simple button snaps, which provides an opportunity for some refreshing travel amidst the busy fights. I could carry three weapons on my body and two on my dog, so I always had access to the right gun needed for any situation. As an obese person, I also appreciate how I can adjust the width and height of holstered weapons and ammo to something that feels more comfortable to play with.

In Arizona Sunshine 2 the player reloads two pistols.
Vertigo Games

Reloading the weapon is less easy, which turns into a juggling act when I try to correctly load the bullets into my gun. There’s a reason console shooters have limited this action to pressing a button: it’s less fun to fumble with the clip in the middle of a fight. still i appreciate arizona sunshine 2 To highlight exactly what parts of the weapon I need to interact with in order to reload it so that the process goes smoothly and to allow me to order the dog to attack the zombie if I have to. You may need to create some space between yourself and the enemy to reload.

I stuck with pistols for most of the campaign because they’re the easiest to reload. And once I was able to start shooting, I found that watching a zombie’s head explode in VR is inherently gratifying. arizona sunshine 2 Strengthens this with its crisp, detailed audio design. Agme leans more into the action game genre and survival horror, as there weren’t many moments where I found myself scouring the environment for ammo or constantly switching weapons to conserve different types of ammo.

The campaign’s level design and horde mode also reflect this action-focused approach. The levels are linear and filled with memorable set pieces. One asked me to fight zombies by setting off pyrotechnics in front of the stage at a concert venue. The campaign brings me back to Xbox 360 and PS3 shooters, which is a good indication of where VR game design is right now relative to the broader game industry. Gameplay systems adjust more freely in Horde mode, a simpler wave-based affair that emphasizes the best parts arizona sunshine 2 Gameplay, even if it’s not as complex as Call of Duty’s Zombies mode.

a technical glitch

All those positive elements start getting stronger arizona sunshine 2 As one of the best new AAA experiences on PlayStation VR2. Unfortunately, at least before release, it is a technical glitch. During my time in the campaign, visual glitches occurred frequently. This is especially the case in moments when two objects interact in strange ways, such as a door convulsing wildly in the air and a horde of zombies moving in on the other side.

The height of my floor also changed randomly at times, making me a tiny king in a post-apocalyptic world. The frame rate would also regularly drop to unacceptable levels, especially when I was using my flamethrower. This became a particular issue during concert sets, as the performance slowed down, making one of the game’s most exciting moments uncomfortable.

Player and dog in Arizona Sunshine 2.
Vertigo Games

What was even more worrying was how much arizona sunshine 2 crashed down. During my playthrough, it crashed on me six times, two of which were after the mid-review period patch. While these crashes have never detracted from my progress, they are the most I’ve experienced while playing games outside this year. The Lord of the Rings: Gollum, Several times, this happened to me at the end of a level. There’s something extremely funny about the fact that almost every time I thought maybe it’s time to end my VR session, arizona sunshine 2 It would randomly drop on me at the end of the level I played or when I died. It’s certainly funnier than most of the jokes that come out of its protagonist’s mouth.

Despite Vertigo Games’ mastery of many aspects of VR game design, those technical issues and other minor disappointments make it difficult to fully recommend arizona sunshine 2 currently. Whenever I thought I might have found my new favorite VR game, a silly mishap or accident would quickly change my mind. At best, I’d recommend PSVR2 or Meta Quest 3 owners looking for new big-budget experiences to check out. arizona sunshine 2 Outside. As it stands, this train feels like it hasn’t quite arrived at the station yet.

arizona sunshine 2 tested on PlayStation VR2,

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