Audible Free Trial: Get 2 premium audiobooks for free

Unlike regular books, audiobooks can be listened to at any time, such as during your daily commute. Or, if your eyes are tired and still want to get lost in beautiful prose, Audible is a great service. Books are heard on whatever device you’re using, leaving your hands free. As far as audiobooks go, Amazon’s service is one of the most popular services available, with a huge library and a well-priced subscription plan. Like any subscription service, a free trial is a great way to see what you’re paying for, and there’s a Hulu free trial and a Disney Plus free trial for comparison. Read on for more information on what an Audible free trial looks like.

Is there an Audible free trial?

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Audible offers a one-month free trial, giving you two free audiobooks and a chance to test out other features included with an Audible subscription. With the Audible free trial, you get those two free book credits to start your library, which is good for your favorites and any Premium Selection titles you keep. You’ll also get full access to the Audible Plus catalog of podcasts, audiobooks, guided wellness, and Audible Originals. This is great content to take along with one of the best e-book readers, or you can even listen to it on your Amazon Echo or Echo Dot. Amazon offers little complexity in terminating your account at the end of your free trial, even sending a friendly reminder before your trial ends so you don’t get hit with any unwanted charges.

Can you get audible for free?

The only way to get Audible for free is with 30 days of free access with the Audible Free Trial. The Audible free trial gives you 30 days of access to the Audible Plus catalog of audio content. However, you can get free Audible titles through Amazon Alexa. Audible has a free audiobook title available from time to time, and although it’s not free access to the entire Audible library, just ask Alexa, “Alexa, what’s free on Audible?” Often you can find a free audiobook to listen to. It’s important to note that while Audible is an Amazon company, an Audible subscription is separate from an Amazon Prime subscription, and subscribing to one doesn’t give you access to the other.

Are there any Audible deals?

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Amazon doesn’t often offer discounts on Audible subscriptions, although three free months of the service for Prime members has been known to pop up on Prime Day. However, day in and day out, the best Audible deal is still Audible’s free trial. This is a really great way to explore the best audiobooks and podcasts at no cost for 30 days. It can also be said that the standard $14.95 per month is a deal in itself, as an Audible subscription gives you access to the Audible Plus catalog of audio content. It includes thousands of audiobooks, podcasts, Audible Originals, and more. All that high-quality content can make $14.95 seem like pennies, and Amazon allows you to cancel your subscription at any time, so no long-term commitment is necessary.

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