The best skills in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

You can be a native Na’vi Avatar: The Borderlands of Pandora, But being raised by the Resource Development Administration (RDA), your character is as new to the alien world of Pandora as any human would be. Of course, this means that you will start from scratch, building your skills and abilities to not only survive the natural flora and fauna, but also to fight against the invading RDA forces. Skill points are not as easy to obtain in this game as in other games, and after the first one or two skills in a tree, they become quite expensive to unlock. There are a lot of systems and mechanics you can influence by upgrading, but there are a few that universally stand out as the best investments. If you are ready to learn the ways of the Na’vi Avatar: The Borderlands of PandoraThese are the skills that will help you remember your roots.

Best Skills in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

A glowing skill tree in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora.

The skill tree is divided into five categories, each of which deals with different aspects of surviving and thriving on Pandora. These include survivors, warriors, hunters, builders and riders. The Rider is initially hidden and is only unlocked after obtaining his Ikran as part of the main story.


A glowing skill tree in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora.

Large Healing Bag 1/2: Treatment can be done in two ways Avatar: The Borderlands of Pandora. The first is passive regeneration which lasts as long as you have some energy, but it’s not going to save you if you get caught in a crossfire with certain weapons. Fruit will be an instant treat for you in the heat of battle, but like everything else, you can only hold so many of them. Your starting ability is so limited that you’ll be lucky to finish any combat encounter with even a single spare, so getting a spare at each level of this skill not only helps you survive more drawn out battles. , but also reduces the burden on you. Will have to go to the forest to harvest more crops.

Josh 1/2: Vigor is your energy, the secondary bar below your health that is depleted when performing various activities such as running and jumping. This can be fulfilled only by eating. However, Vigor’s main function is to give you the passive HP regen mentioned above. Since the area of ​​Pandora you set out to explore is huge, and fights are usually quite far apart, a full vigor bar won’t last for more than one fight most of the time. Each additional power level you get increases your base amount by 50%, allowing you to double it at max level.

Vitality 1/2/3/4: We don’t need to explain why you want more HP, right? Unless you’re a stealth and combat expert, it never hurts to get at least a few extra points of HP. Each level gives +30, 60, 90, and 120 HP respectively.


Warrior skill tree in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora.

Extra Ammo 1/2: The sailors may be giants, but their pockets are small. When a war begins, running out of gunpowder is a death sentence. You may find a cover long enough to craft more, but why take the risk when you can come up with twice the reserve to get the job done?

well prepared: Another way to reduce ammo concerns is to give you access to a fourth weapon slot on your quick select. Three is a good number, but a fourth will immediately give you options for any scenario.

Strategic Awareness: Using your special Na’vi sight, you can highlight and tag any enemy from almost any distance, even through walls. This will become second nature before going into any enemy encampments, so why not get a little extra advantage? All enemies you tag this way take 15% more damage, should you need to attack with force.


Hunter skill tree in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora.

Silent Destroyer: The RDA has two primary forms of ground units: normal soldiers and giant mech operators. The latter is clearly the bigger threat, but it cannot be taken out quietly by default. The Silent Destroyer gives you the ability to stealthily attack armored enemies if you are able to approach their weak points without being noticed.

Expert hunter: On the other hand, if you prefer a more direct approach, Expert Hunter makes any attack that hits an enemy’s weak point deal 25% additional damage while you are still in stealth mode. If you have a strong enough weapon, this could be enough to kill someone in one hit without you even realizing it.

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A glowing skill tree in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora.

Expert Ammunition Craftsman: Some ammo, such as arrows, can only be crafted. Generally, you can make ammo in small batches, hopefully between battles. Adopt this skill to instantly double how much you make in one go, which could save your life if you need to craft in a pinch.

Waste cooking: Cooked food will always restore some of your strength, but also comes with several other buffers worth activating before entering a dangerous situation. Cooking the best food costs scarce ingredients, but if you invest in wasteless cooking, every meal you make has a random chance of getting two for the price of one.


Pandora's Rider Skill Tree in Avatar Frontiers.

Air Fishing 1/2/3: Your Ikran has its own dedicated Vigor bar that works exactly like yours, only it is also responsible for how much boost you can perform and evasive maneuvers. While you can feed it directly from your personal reserves, a more effective way to feed your mountain is by aerial fishing. The first level lets it snatch food by flying over the surface of the lake, the second increases how much energy the fish restores, and maxing it out adds the “well-fed” buff.

Flying Takedown: This skill makes your Ikran much more than just a mobility option and allows it to join the fight. Flying Takedown will give you a chance to stagger any enemy flying vehicle using normal means, then get in close and deliver the finishing blow to your Ikran. Not only is it great and satisfying to look at, but it automatically collects any loot dropped by the ship.

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