How to play co-op in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Despite being a native of Pandora, your character Avatar: The Borderlands of Pandora You are not familiar with the world or its creatures until you step into the lush and vibrant world. After being raised by the Resource Development Administration (RDA), your character reacts with a feeling of astonishment and fear. But you don’t have to face the threats to the planet, not to mention the militaristic RDA. Avatar: The Borderlands of Pandora Lets you bring along a friend to help you defeat the humans and save your planet from their pollution. Here’s how to get started with co-op play.

How to start a co-op

A screen showing co-op options in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora.

Before you can play co-op, both you and your partner will have to play alone for a few missions. The facility will remain locked until you both complete “The Aranahe Clan” quest, which takes a few hours of play.

Even once this is done the options remain a bit vague. To find it, pause the game and go left on your D-pad. System Menu. from here, co-operation first option above photo mode, settings, And Ubisoft Connect. Simply select co-op and you’ll be prompted to invite a friend to join your game.

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