Beats Solo 3 wireless headphones are 50% off the for holiday…

Solo3 beats wireless

If you’re in the Apple ecosystem and want to get a pair of headphones that aren’t as expensive as AirPods, some of the best Beats headphone deals are the way to go. Since Apple purchased Beats, the integration into the Apple ecosystem has been smooth, so Beats is a great alternative to the more expensive AirPods options. And one of the more budget-friendly options in the Beats lineup is the Beats Solo3, which is heavily discounted by Amazon, bringing it down to just $99. This is lower than their usual $200 price tag, so the lower price makes some of Solo3’s issues more palatable and adds a ton of value to them.

Why should you buy the Beats Solo3?

The Beats Solo3 certainly looks great, but the build quality isn’t great. In terms of audio fidelity, it’s excellent, and the overall balance is really designed to be “available” to as many people as possible, so it has good overall balance. This won’t blow any audiophiles out of the water, and those who are more accustomed to Beats’ more bass-forward branding won’t find that here as it’s much more muted than with the Solo 3. This is not to say that the bass is bad or hollow; It’s not as heavy as you might expect if you’ve owned previous Beats headphones.

As far as construction goes, it doesn’t feel as sturdy, but that’s okay, considering that the Solo 3 is actually a more budget-to-mid-range headset. So, while the padding on the top and sides isn’t as good as something on a higher grade, it should be fine for most people. The Solo3 come with Apple’s W1 chip, so they’re compatible with things like “Hey Siri” and can be used with multiple listening headsets if you’re using other Apple and Beats products. As far as battery life goes, it’s impressive, you can get about 40 hours of work on a charge, so if you don’t use them a lot you can top them off at the end of the day or every two or three days. Can charge.

Overall, while the Beats Solo3 aren’t going to blow anyone away, they are an excellent mid-range set of headphones for budget pricing, so that’s all we can ask from them. Don’t forget that you can get them from Best Buy for $99 instead of the full price of $200, though be sure to check out some other great headphone deals for alternatives.

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