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Studio Beats Buds
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Most Beats Black Friday deals have already ended, but you can still get the Beats Studio Buds from Amazon at 40% off. That’s a savings of $60 on the wireless earbuds’ original price of $150, so you’ll only have to pay $90 for them. As the retailer moves from its Black Friday deals to Cyber ​​Monday, we’re not sure if there’s enough stock left to meet the huge demand, so if you want to make sure you get these wireless earbuds If you can get it so cheap, you can. Now the shopping will have to be carried forward.

Why should you buy the Beats Studio Buds?

We’ve described the Beats Studio Buds as AirPods Pro Lite because these wireless earbuds offer most of the features of the Apple AirPods Pro at a significantly lower price. First and foremost is active noise cancellation, which blocks out all unwanted sound so you can focus on listening to your playlist or watching a streaming show, though there’s also a transparency mode that lets you listen to what’s going on around you without picking up on the noise. This will allow listening. Removes the studio buds from your ears. The output of the wireless earbuds is powerful and balanced, and they support spatial audio for immersive music.

The Beats Studio Buds can last up to eight hours on a single charge, and a total of 24 hours including the juice from their charging case. The wireless earbuds are protected against water and sweat with an IPX4 resistance rating, and they also come with three ear tip sizes so you can choose the most comfortable option while providing an optimal acoustic seal in your ears.

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Amazon’s Black Friday headphone and earbud deals had 40% off the Beats Studio Buds, and the discount is still available. You’ll only have to pay $90 for these wireless earbuds, a savings of $60 over the original price of $150. However, with Cyber ​​Monday approaching, there’s no telling how much time you have left to take advantage of this offer before it runs out of stock. If you think the Beats Studio Buds should be your next wireless earbuds, drop what you’re doing and complete the transaction as quickly as possible.

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