Huge smart lighting sale gets you a smart bulb from $8

GE Lighting Smart Hexagon panels are installed in a game room.
ge lighting

Smart lights can do a lot of cool things, whether it’s setting the mood for the movie you’re watching or the game you’re playing or turning them on and off according to the time you leave the house. There are actually a lot of things you can do, especially if you can integrate them into your ecosystem. That said, smart lights can be quite expensive, and while some of you may be wondering, ‘Are smart light bulbs worth it?’, we’re happy to say that Best Buy has deals on smart lighting right now. Selling on a large scale. In fact, you can buy a smart lightbulb for as cheap as $8, although you can also get more premium light panels.

What you should buy in the Best Buy Smart Lighting Sale

At the low end of the budget scale, there are lots of great things you can buy, starting with lightbulbs. For example, a quick and inexpensive way to bring some smart lighting into your home is the WiZ A19 Smart LED Bulb, which has adjustable colors and is

, This fantastic LIFX E12 candle also exists as an alternative to more traditional round lightbulbs, and is great for things like lamps or small fixtures that have a smaller thread. You can pick up LIFX E12

, A little more expensive, but it’s a little more exclusive.

In the middle of the budget scale, you’ll find many different light strips, which are probably one of the most fun ways to upgrade with smart lighting. For example, you have this Govee RGBIC strip light that is 10 feet long and can be controlled via Wi-Fi, and it can be paired with Alexa and Google Assistant for more convenient control. govi is rgbic

But if you’re with one of the other light strip brands, Wiz has its own starter kit with a six and a half foot light strip

And LIFX also has its own starter kit with a 40-inch light strip


At the higher end of the budget, you can afford fancy accessories like light panels, which you may be familiar with if you watch a lot of streamers. At the more affordable end of the scale, there’s the Govi ​​Glide Hexa Light Panels Pack, which comes with 5 pieces that you can adjust, and will

, GE also has its own Sync Dynamic Effects panel with a pack of eight lights, and it’s a little more expensive

, On the other hand, if you want something more premium, you can pick up the Nanoleaf Shapes Ultra Black Triangles Smarter Kit with nine pieces.


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