I found the 7 best Lego Black Friday deals in Amazon’s sale

LEGO BTS members on stage.

Lego is one of the most favorite toys of all time, enjoyed by children and, increasingly, adults. LEGO sets combine off-the-rails creativity with an instruction-based activity to give anyone the ability to build a set with subtle style changes to suit their tastes. Alternatively, if you have enough Lego blocks, you can make just about anything. That’s why these Black Friday toy deals we’re seeing on Amazon’s LEGO are so exciting. They allow you to get multiple sets, combine and refine them as per your liking. If you tap the button below for our curated list, there are 16 sets available for discount in Amazon’s LEGO Black Friday sale. Or, keep reading for some of our favorites.

Our favorite LEGO Black Friday deals at Amazon

The entire LEGO BTS set on display.

It’s hard to pretend that you haven’t heard at least something about BTS at this point. If you haven’t, they’re the ultra-famous South Korean boy band K-pop group or, in the case of this Black Friday deal, Lego figurines. The 749 Block set includes iconic parts from the BTS Dynamite video set, including the record store, donut shop, and ice cream truck. Simply, you can put idols (RM, Jin, SUGA, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jung Kook all represented) on a stage and make them “dance” through a spinning wheel . It’s a pretty neat effect that will make you feel like a real K-pop stage manager, at least for a moment. The set, normally $65, is marked down to $100 for Black Friday.

Other LEGO Black Friday deals we liked at Amazon

As popular as BTS is, not everyone likes them (or wants them in Lego form). Here are some other hot deals we recommend in the Amazon sale:

  • Lego Super Mario Frog Mario Kids Building Kit —

  • Lego Friends Newsroom Van –

  • LEGO Ideas BTS Dynamite —

  • Lego City Stuntz Ultimate Stunt Riders Challenge –

  • LEGO Disney Princess, The Little Mermaid Royal Clamshell –

  • Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Express –

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Of course, you can find LEGOs elsewhere too, including Walmart’s LEGO Black Friday sale. Check out our collection of the overall best LEGO Black Friday deals to get an even more comprehensive collection of hot deals for this year.

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