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If you’re looking for great laptop deals, you’ve almost certainly considered buying a MacBook. Systems running MacOS typically provide great battery life, exceptional performance, and a level of quality that lasts for many years. However they are far from cheap and many of Apple’s deals are still proving to be expensive. A worthy investment either way, we’ve picked out some of the best MacBook deals right now. We’ve only focused on Apple Silicon chips because previous Intel-based models are pretty outdated these days. The M1 chip is performing very well for the price, but we’ve also seen the newer M2 chips and the latest M3, which are still getting some discounts despite being so new. Read on as we tell you about your options.

Best MacBook Air (M1) deals

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The Apple MacBook Air (M1) marked a major change for Apple, being the first Air with an Apple-based processor. We took a look at the differences between the M2 and M1 and the M1 still looks pretty great. It’s closer to affordable than anything else out there. Fast yet fanless, so it’s silent to use, you get 18 hours of battery life, a great-looking 13.3-inch Retina display, as well as all the effortless style you’d expect from an Apple device. These laptops are best for students or people who want something stylish but reasonably powerful for use on the go. Nowadays, unless you’re willing to consider a refurbished/refurbished model, deals are becoming a little harder to find.

  • Apple MacBook Air M1 8GB RAM/256GB SSD —

  • Apple MacBook Air M1 8GB RAM/512GB SSD (Renewed) —

Best MacBook Air (M2) deals

MacBook Air M2 screen.
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The MacBook Air (M2) shook things up a bit by offering two different sizes – a 13.6-inch screen option and a 15-inch. Our look at the best MacBooks includes the latter features. In all cases, you get an M2 chip that is faster than the previous M1, a larger screen, more brightness from the display, an improved 1080p FaceTime HD camera, and a bigger speaker sound system. If you don’t need the fastest system and want more portability than the Pro M2, this is a good option.

  • Apple MacBook Air M2 13.6-inch 8GB RAM/256GB SSD —

  • Apple MacBook Air M2 15.3-inch 8GB RAM/256GB SSD —

  • Apple MacBook Air M2 13.6-inch 8GB RAM/512GB SSD —

Best MacBook Pro (M2) deals

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We’ve taken an in-depth look at the differences between the MacBook Air M2 and MacBook Pro M2. Essentially, the MacBook Pro models have a more sophisticated and better-performing M2 chip but the MacBook Air M2 may have a larger screen. It is fair to directly compare the two models you are considering as there are different configurations around. Also keep in mind that the MacBook Pro M2 is heavier but has a larger battery. It also has an older webcam standard than the Air’s 1080p model. Finally, the MacBook Pro M2 13-inch model is the only model that still has the divisive Touch Bar on its keyboard. Think about what’s most important to you and take a look at the MacBook Pro M2 deals available right now.

  • Apple MacBook Pro 13.3-inch M2 8GB RAM/256GB SSD —

    (with my best buy)

  • Apple MacBook Pro 14-inch M2 Pro 16GB RAM/512GB SSD —

  • Apple MacBook Pro 16.2-inch M2 Pro 16GB RAM/512GB SSD –

Best MacBook Pro (M3) deals

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The latest MacBook Pro M3 range hasn’t seen much discounting yet, part of the reason being that it’s new. Our MacBook Pro M3 buying guide gives plenty of information on what’s best for which situation, while there are many different models available. There are different screen sizes to choose from as well as different CPUs. What we’re getting at is that you can spend a lot more on a MacBook Pro M3 if you want, but these deals will help you save a little. If you’re willing to have a powerful laptop for video editing or similar high-level tasks, this is what you need.

  • Apple MacBook Pro M3 14.2-inch 8GB RAM/512GB SSD —

  • Apple MacBook Pro M3 Pro 16.2-inch 36GB RAM/512GB SSD —

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