The best Mario games of all time, ranked

Nintendo’s Super Mario series is so important to the medium of video games that when you hear the mention of “video games” you may also think of a mustachioed plumber. From his early days as “Jumpman” when he fought Donkey Kong. From his latest adventures on the Nintendo Switch, to his latest film appearance super mario bros movie, Mario has consistently been one of the greatest characters in video games. He’s such an iconic character that countless video games have made him a star, and here we’ve ranked them.

For our list, we had two main criteria. First, the game must be a platformer – either 2D or 3D. It straddles the Mario sports games, the Mario Kart series, role-playing games, and all Mario parties. Secondly, the games must feature Mario himself as the main character. it eliminated super mario land 3 And Very good Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island, In the end, we had 22 games left. none of them are Bad, but we had to name a loser. we also chose to leave lost levels and instead considered super mario bros 2 As the definitive second game in the series.

This is the Super Mario series, ranked from best to worst.

From its bright and colorful visual style to its wild and wacky Wonder Seed segments, it’s one of the most unique entries in the series in decades. And it’s even got online co-op!

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