The best mysteries on Netflix right now

Here’s a mystery Netflix hasn’t solved yet: Why aren’t there more mysteries on Netflix? There’s no shortage of thrillers on Netflix, but they’re usually mystery-adjacent movies as opposed to actual mysteries. It’s hard to find a good old-fashioned mystery on Netflix, which is probably why the classic flick, sea ​​of ​​Loveand 2009 film state of play The gap is being partially filled this month. Netflix’s most recent mystery movie, snakeNaturally there is a place for a less recent film as well, weekend away, Still, mystery is a category that is not being given its due value by Netflix compared to other popular genres.

How can we change this? Seeing as many secrets as possible. This is the only way to convince Netflix to invest in providing more mysteries in the future. For now, these are our picks for the best mysteries on Netflix right now.

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