The best places to land in Fortnite right now

survival is important Fortnite, and it all starts with choosing the best starting location. Even if you’re an expert player, your chances of coming out on top are greatly reduced if you start off on the wrong foot – whether it’s in a barren location with no loot to be found or a hot water drop that leads to swift death. Can cause. as part of Fortnite Chapter 5, Season 1, There is no shortage of great landing spots, but which one you choose depends on your skills and preferences, and you have to choose the right one if you want to win. Fortnite, So join us as we show you the best Fortnite Landing spots for experienced, beginners and everyone in between.

Best places to land in Fortnite

Before we get into the list, it’s important to know what makes a good landing spot. Sure, any place with good loot can serve you well, but there’s a lot more to consider than that. Are there consistent chest/loot spawns in any spots? Is there any guaranteed content? Is it close to other points of interest (POI)? Is it out of the way? Of course, loot is the most important aspect, but having a ton of stuff won’t do you any good if you’re caught in a storm. These recommended landing spots have a degree of stability and great loot. They usually have some quirks that make them effective depending on your play style.

ruined reels

Location of Ruined Reels in Fortnite.
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Ruined Reels is located in the center of Chapter 5 of the Season 1 map, making it an excellent choice for those looking for freedom in rotations. These ruins also have a good selection of chests and weapon boxes, so you won’t have too many problems before heading out. However, due to its location, this POI may be a bit crowded in some matches. By the way, be prepared to land straight on the gun or chest to make sure you’re ready for the fight.

reckless railway

In Fortnite a player rides a motorcycle through Reckless Railways.
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Reckless Railways Chapter 5, Season 1 is located just north-east of the center of the map, allowing you to move in any direction as directed by the first circle. A boss named Valeria can be found and defeated here, which you can prepare for by looting weapons from any of the various chests in the POI. Once she’s down, you can use her key card to open the safe in the basement of the southernmost building here (to the left of the track), where you’ll find a weapon mod with a good selection of guns on the wall. You will get a bench.

best court

Reaching the location of the best courts in Fortnite.
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Classy Court is located in the northeastern part of the Chapter 5, Season 1 map, giving you plenty of options to explore the south. While this landing spot isn’t necessarily the one with the most loot, it’s a really fun place to start due to the layout of the area. If you want to get straight into the action you can find plenty of chests on the tennis courts here, or you can play it a little safe against those who may be moving by by landing in one of the buildings on the outer rim. You from the courts.

Snooty Steps

snooty steps location in fortnite,
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Snooty Steps Chapter 5, Season 1 is located in the deep south of the map, providing ample opportunities to visit POIs such as Pleasant Plaza or the Fencing Fields in the north. There’s plenty of loot to go around, especially if shooting down flying drones or defeating the area’s boss, Peter Griffin. Using his key card, you can access the safe in the western part of the area for some weapons along the weapon mod bench and wall. However, it’s worth noting that being such a great place to land it can get quite busy at times, so stay alert and grab your loot quickly.

grand lair

Players fight in front of the Lavish Lair location in Fortnite.
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The Lavish Lair Chapter 5, Season 1 1 is located in the northern part of the map, so you should be able to wander almost anywhere from this spooky mansion. There’s no shortage of loot to go around here, and it’s an extremely fun place to shoot up – something you should definitely expect if you land here. If you defeat the boss named Oscar wandering around inside, you can loot his key card and open the safe beneath the mansion to access the weapon mod bench and guns of your choice along the nearby wall.


A player getting off a train in Fortnite.
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Trains move around the Chapter 5, Season 1 map and can be an incredibly popular landing spot. However, there’s a good reason for its popularity – it’s a very entertaining way to start a match and those who stick around get a good helping of loot. If you hack the chest on the train and defend it for a short time, it will reward you with a nice selection of weapons and healing items to choose from, before you decide where you want to go. All aboard!

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