The best projector Cyber Monday deals — from $70

 Best Cyber ​​Monday Projector Deals
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The best way to get a “big screen TV” without worrying about all the space taken up by a big TV is to get a projector. And, just like TV, the Cyber ​​Monday deals event is a great time to pick up a projector and have it in your home. Whether you want an ultra short throw projector that you can place directly next to the wall it will throw on or a more standard projector that can be placed across the room, you can get a great deal on any of them with these offers. Can get a deal.

Best Full HD Projector Cyber ​​Monday Deals

Standard high definition is a great place to start your projector journey. These projectors are generally great for beginners and also work brilliantly with home videos, old movies, and (if you’re not too selective) just about anything else. Remember that the projector screen (or your wall) itself doesn’t have pixels, so the display will be a little different from the HD screens you’re used to seeing. Try these HD projectors for the best Cyber ​​Monday projector deals:

  • ELEPHAS Mini Projector for iPhone —

  • Grooview 1080p WiFi Projector –

  • Ybor Buffalo Pro U9 —

  • Ybor Buffalo Pro U10 —

  • LG Cinebeam –

  • M600 Mirror –

  • Samsung Freestyle (2nd generation) –

Best 4K Projector Cyber ​​Monday Deals

if you to do Want to take a step forward to something better, try these 4K projectors. In fact, our research shows that most of the best projectors are 4K projectors. So, to speed up your viewing, consider one of these projectors while they’re heavily discounted:

Everything from laptops and tablets to coffee makers and air purifiers and smart home essentials.

VANKYO Vista T4 4K Ultra-HD Smart Triple-Laser Short-Throw Projector – $2,999, was $3,500

Vankyo Vista T4 Ultra Short Throw Projector with Iguana on the Wall

While everyone else is busy shopping for regular TVs, which are only available up to a certain size, you can consider excellent discounts on short-throw laser projectors. Vankyo’s Vista T4 will completely change the way you experience home cinema. It’s like bringing a movie theater into your living room, with some incredible modern features that take that experience and push it beyond anything you’ve ever seen before. For starters, the screen size starts at a minimum of 80 inches with just a 3.3-inch projection distance, and you can project up to a 16.7-inch screen at 150 inches. But with a short-throw projector, the system can be relatively close to a wall with an excellent throw ratio of 0.233, so you can place it on a home entertainment stand or shelf. For reference, the minimum projection distance – which is how far away from the surface the projector must be – is 3.3 inches.

It also offers a crystal-clear native 4K resolution (3840 by 2160) with 2,100 lumens of brightness—which is bright enough to see in daylight—using a triple RGB+ set of lasers. It supports powerful 60-watt speakers, HDR10+, Dolby sound via MEMC, 3D, and mobile-to-screen mirroring. Three HDMI ports are included, allowing you to plug in a streaming device like the bundled 4K Fire TV Stick to start watching immediately. But the best part is the Cyber ​​Monday deal, which saves over $500 off the regular price. It’s yours today for only $2,999, and that’s a deal you can’t beat. Especially when you compare it to the average cost of an 80-inch TV, which is the same price, if not more. Here you are getting a 150-inch display. this is wonderful.

Plus, here are some more 4K projectors on sale:

  • REDEER 4K Projector –

  • Hisense PX2-PRO

  • Hisense L5H Laser TV X-Fusion UST Projector w/Screen —

Best BenQ Projector Cyber ​​Monday Deals

BenQ projectors get a special place in the list. They have great build quality, premium features and simply exude quality. Take a look at our recent BenQ HT4550i 4K projector review for an up-close and personal look at what makes BenQ a BenQ. Then, come back and shop these deals while you can:

  • BenQ TH685P 1080P Gaming Projector —

  • BenQ TH69OST 4LED —

  • BenQ TK700

  • BenQ TK700STi —

  • BenQ X3000i Smart Gaming Projector —

Best Epson Projector Cyber ​​Monday Deals

Epson strives to create projectors that have extremely high image quality. You’re also likely to see things like built-in Android TV and other smart, convenient features you didn’t know you were missing from less advanced projectors. Shop these deals while they last:

  • Epson EpicVision Flex CO-WO1 —

  • Epson Pro EX7280 —

  • Epson Home Cinema 3200 —

  • Epson EpicVision Ultra LS300 —

  • Epson Home Cinema 5050UB 4K Pro —

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