Best Samsung Galaxy Watch deals: Get a smartwatch for $100

While most people know the Apple Watch and the many competing smartwatches from Google, Fitbit, and even Garmin, there’s something to be said about the beauty of a smartwatch like Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4, which is still regularly Among the best smartwatches. List of deals. It’s outdated now, sure, thanks to the Galaxy Watch 5 and 6 that have been released, but it still offers an incredible experience. And that’s certainly one thing about Samsung’s titular smartwatches, they all offer a fine-tuned and convenient experience, whether you’re just telling the time, interacting with some watch apps, tracking your fitness activity. Keeping track of, or paying for, items right on your wrist. Of course, there can be no debate about a great price or a great deal, especially on a Samsung smartwatch. Well, we’ve gathered all the best Samsung Galaxy Watch deals right here, in one place. Why don’t you take a look?

samsung galaxy watch 5 deal

A man running on a trail with a Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Titanium.

Now the last generation, if you want to know how things are when facing off between Galaxy Watch5 vs Galaxy Watch6, we have a detailed guide. It’s still a solid smartwatch and there’s virtually no downside to choosing the 5. However, the design is a little different.

Still, here are the best Galaxy Watch5 deals available to purchase today:

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch5 40mm WiFi+LTE —

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch5 44mm BT Amazon Refurbished —

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch5 44mm LTE —

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro Titanium 45mm BT —

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro Titanium 45mm LTE —

samsung galaxy watch 6 deal

Wearing the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic on the road.

Samsung’s latest is the Galaxy Watch6, which fixes one of the Galaxy Watch5’s biggest mistakes. As reviewed by Joe Maring of Digital Trend, it has an advanced and “very comfortable design” with a colorful and bright display. The small bezels are “pretty,” meanwhile Samsung Health, the brand’s titular health and fitness tracking app, keeps getting better with every new software update.

Here are all the best Samsung Galaxy Watch6 deals available to shop today:

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Bespoke with Fabric Band 40mm BT –

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch6 40mm BT —

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic 43mm LTE —

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic 47mm with BT FREE SmartTag2 ,

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic 47mm BT —

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic 47mm LTE —

More Samsung Galaxy Watch deals we liked

A woman is wearing a Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and smiling.

Samsung’s previous smartwatches like the Galaxy Watch 4 still stand alone as well-performing premium smartwatches and fitness trackers. It has all the fitness tracking capabilities you’ll find in most newly released smartwatches, making it the perfect choice for anyone today. So, don’t shy away from any Samsung Galaxy Watch, old or new, especially if it is available at an incredible price.

Here are all the best Samsung Galaxy Watch deals available to shop right now:

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm BT Refurbished Amazon –

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 40mm BT+GPS Amazon Refurbished –

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic 42mm BT —

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch4 40mm BT —

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic 46mm BT —

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