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Whether you’re furnishing your new home or replacing an old and broken machine, you should definitely look into washer and dryer deals before you buy. These appliances are so expensive that you want something with all the right features that will last for years to come. We’ve picked out our favorite options, particularly highlighting LG and Samsung deals. We’ve included package deals that will get you a washer and dryer combo, as well as individual offers on one or the other.

Best LG Washer and Dryer Deals

LG washer/dryer in the kitchen.

LG makes some amazing devices. We’ve picked out some medium-sized options, including a fairly inexpensive package deal available at Best Buy.

  • LG 4.5 Cubic Foot Stackable Front Load Washer –

  • LG 5.0 Cubic Foot High Efficiency Front Load Washer –

  • LG 5.5 Cubic Foot High Efficiency Top Load Washer –

  • LG 4.7 Cubic Foot Electric Dryer –

  • LG Top Load Package: 5.5 cubic foot washer and 7.3 cubic foot electric dryer –

Best Samsung Washer and Dryer Deals

Samsung washer and dryer in one house.

Most of Samsung’s options are at the more expensive end of the spectrum. If you want something really luxurious, choose Samsung’s Bespoke line.

  • Samsung Bespoke 5.3 Cubic Foot Ultra Capacity Front Load Washer –

  • Samsung 4.5 Cubic Foot Large Capacity Smart Front Load Washer –

  • Samsung 7.5 Cubic Foot Smart Electric Dryer –

  • Samsung 7.5 Cubic Foot Gas Dryer –

  • Samsung Bundle: Dial FlexWash and FlexDry Washer and Dryer –

Other Washer & Dryer Deals We Like

Some other brands worth looking at are Insignia, GE, and Whirlpool. Most of these options are slightly cheaper than options from Samsung and LG.

  • Insignia 3.7 Cubic Foot 12-Cycle Top-Loading Washer –

  • Whirlpool 7.4 Cubic Foot Stackable Electric Dryer —

  • GE 7.8 Cubic Foot 10-Cycle Electric Dryer –

  • Insignia Package: 3.7 cubic foot top-loading washer and 6.7 cubic foot electric dryer –

  • GE Package: 4.5 cubic foot top-load washer and 4.7 cubic foot front-load electric dryer –

How to choose the right washer and dryer?

Here are the three most important things to consider when purchasing a washer and dryer: arrangement, size, and features. Arrangement refers to how the washer and dryer sit next to each other and where the doors are, such as front-load versus top-load. You can save some space if you get a stackable set, but they are often quite expensive. As far as doors go, most people like to keep their washing machine top loaded so you can open it during a cycle without getting water everywhere. On the other hand, front-load washers let the clothes drop naturally, while top-load washers require a rotating agitation motion to drop the clothes.

As far as size is concerned, you have to consider the exterior and interior of the machine. When you measure your space, be sure to account for at least 4 extra inches for pipes and wires in the back. The capacity of the washer will determine how many clothes you can wash and dry at once. If you have a large family, buy something with at least 5 cubic feet. If you are alone you can save energy by getting something closer to 3 cubic feet.

Choosing features on a washer and dryer is entirely about weighing efficiency versus money. Is it worth paying a few hundred extra dollars upfront if you can get automatic steaming in your dryer? Are you comfortable with a completely time-based system or do you want a humidity sensor? Are you interested in going the extra mile and getting a smart system that you can control from your phone? Every new feature adds to the price, but it’s worth it if it saves you time and money.

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