Cordless vacuum looks like a Dyson, but it’s a fraction of t…

Black+Decker PowerSeries+ vacuum stick on white background.

We’re checking out all of our favorite vacuum cleaners and putting together another list of the best vacuum deals. This is part of our efforts to document the surge of Black Friday early deals you’ll see on the site throughout this month. In doing so, we found a vacuum that caused “Dyson” neurons in our brain to flicker, but it turned out to be a false alarm. We’re excited to bring you the deal anyway, because this vacuum is a well-rated, highly affordable Black + Decker that presents itself in a similar style to Dyson, combining high functionality with an understated design. Is. Plus, it’s on sale right now. The BLACK+DECKER PowerSeries+ usually costs $100, but you can now get it for $89. That’s a savings of $11 if you just tap the button below. If you want more details, please be sure to read our analysis below.

Why you should buy BLACK+DECKER PowerSeries+

In today’s world, vacuums are surprisingly expensive. Instead of making machines, long a ubiquitous household appliance, less expensive with more technology, manufacturers have stuffed them with all sorts of advanced technology and driven up prices. You can vacuum with BagsClearing the $200 mark, in 2023. However, the BLACK+DECKER PowerSeries+ is on the higher end and costs less than $100. This makes it one of the cheapest, customer-approved vacuum cleaners you can buy today.

The BLACK+DECKER PowerSeries+ has a 40-minute run time, a detachable hand vac, a useful crevice tool for couches, and an LED light panel to illuminate the dust on your floors. It can also tell what type of floor you’re on, automatically switching between hard flooring and carpet modes when needed. Then, when you’re done, its base will be strong and will stand on its own without needing to be mounted on the wall.

Even before the sales price is added, it’s really hard to get such functionality at such a low price. So, to make sure you get your BLACK+DECKER PowerSeries+ at this great price of $89, go ahead and tap the button below. The vacuum usually retails for $100 (which still isn’t bad), but today it’s discounted for $11. If you have more to spend, why not check out these great robot vacuums instead?

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