Bose’s new Smart Ultra soundbar just had its price slashed

Bose Smart Ultra Soundbar in black.

We didn’t expect the Bose Smart Ultra, which launched just a month ago, to see its price reduced for this year’s Black Friday soundbar deals, but you shouldn’t complain. Amazon is offering the soundbar for $799 instead of its original price of $899, a savings of $100. This might not be much of a discount, but you can take advantage of it if you’re interested in the brand’s latest flagship Dolby Atmos soundbar. There’s no telling how much stock they have on sale at this cheap price, so you might want to get your shopping done before the deal goes down.

Why should you buy the Bose Smart Ultra Soundbar?

The Bose Smart Ultra Soundbar is the successor to the Bose Smart Soundbar 900, with the major upgrade being the inclusion of an AI-powered dialogue mode that uses machine learning to make it much easier to hear and understand spoken words. This is especially important when watching live shows and sporting events, as there are no subtitles available for such content. Meanwhile, similar to its predecessor, the Bose Smart Ultra Soundbar features up-firing drivers that bounce sound from the ceiling into your listening position, enabling Dolby Atmos and other surround sound formats.

The “smart” in the Bose Smart Ultra refers to its support for Amazon’s Alexa, which lets it act like a smart speaker to control playback, access other smart home devices, and find information using voice commands. Allows. You can also use the soundbar as a wireless speaker, with connections to a variety of sources via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Apple’s AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect, and Google’s Chromecast.

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If you were planning on spending money on a soundbar from the Black Friday deals, you might be able to get one of the latest models on the market. Surprisingly, the recently released Bose Smart Ultra is already on sale for $799, a $100 discount from Amazon over its sticker price of $899. The savings aren’t huge, but you should take it as a bonus for a purchase you definitely won’t regret. Get the Bose Smart Ultra Soundbar for cheaper than usual with this offer, but you’ll have to be quick to finalize the transaction as we’re not sure how much time you have left.

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