The best field upgrades for Modern Warfare 3 Zombies

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Zombies mode brings slight changes to the mechanics you’re already familiar with. It now plays more like a souped-up DMZ mode rather than its old round-based format. And field upgrades have been modified in terms of both their effects and how you get them for this game type. There are six different field upgrades that you can bring to the map and use on the cooldown timer to help improve your chances of survival, but you can only choose one at a time. You’ll start the game with only one option, but will slowly unlock the rest as you progress. Once you have all that, the question is, what is the best field upgrade? We have managed to make inroads with the North.

A layout of the field upgrades for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

healing aura

Whether you’re playing with a team or running solo, Healing Aura is undoubtedly the best field upgrade to bring to any zombie race. When activated, you and any teammates in the area will not only receive instant healing, but it will also instantly revive any fallen teammates. The downside to all this power is that this upgrade has the slowest recharge time and is unlocked at level 19.

aether shroud

This is another upgrade you’ll be happy to have. Aether Shroud makes you temporarily invisible to all zombies. Keep in mind, this won’t make you invincible, and PMCs can still take shots, but if you’re trapped in a swarm and have no way to escape, instantly becoming invisible to the bloodthirsty horde of zombies is your best bet. Can save your skin more often than you think. , This upgrade has a medium recharge rate and unlocks when you reach level 39.

crazy guard

Just after the halfway point, the Frenzied Guard have a massive lead, but not without some risk. When you pop this field upgrade, you instantly repair all of your armor, but also block all aggression from any nearby enemies for 10 seconds. However, another benefit is that anything you hit during this time also repairs your armor, so situationally, this can be great or detrimental. It recharges slowly, unlocking at level 9.

frost blast

Frost Blast does exactly what you’d expect: it fires a massive blast that will slow any enemy you hit and deal a bit of damage. It’s decent in a pinch, but not a game-changer. You can get it when you reach level 29.

tesla storm

A strange capability on paper, the Tesla Storm is only good if you have a team working together. Activating it will create an electrical chain between you and your team that will damage and stun enemies who come close to either of you. This lasts for 10 seconds and can be great for last minute extractions, but not in other situations. It recharges slowly and is the last upgrade you unlock at level 50.

energy mine

This is your default field upgrade, so it makes sense that it’s the “worst” on the list. Energy Mine isn’t bad at all; You simply lay a mine which does what a mine does – explodes. It’s just that setting traps like this in Zombies doesn’t apply except when cornering a boss or waiting for a helicopter. It has moderate recharge speed.

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