Modern Warfare 3 Zombies: Mercenary Convoy guide

The old zombie format is left behind call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 In favor of a more open world, objective-based approach to the undead survival game type. This time, you’ll be dropped into a map with specific objectives you can choose to complete to earn lots of XP, as well as advance the narrative and unlock new, more difficult tasks. The early level missions are generally pretty simple, but in Act 1, you’ll be given the objective of finding and destroying a mercenary convoy somewhere on the map. This sounds simple enough on paper until you realize you have no idea where this message is or how to find it. In every race into zombies there is a risk of losing your hard-earned progress, so we will lead you to the mercenary convoy to take it out before the zombies know you were there.

How to find a mercenary convoy

A map showing the location of a convoy.

Your first challenge will be to find this mercenary convoy. The problem here is twofold: firstly that it is not marked in any way on your map, and secondly that, being a convoy, it is mobile. Once you land, you and your team must find the nearest vehicle and head towards the center of the map. Depending on what the threat level is on your particular map, you are looking for roads and highways that are around the medium-threat level area. You have to patrol these roads until you find a convoy, which consists of only three vehicles. Once you’re in range, it appears on your map letting you know you’ve found it.

Once you have managed to locate the convoy, your next task is to destroy it. It’s not an easy task without getting some good gear and ideally some explosives. The qualities inside aren’t going to go down without a fight, and it would be a shame to die after going through all the trouble to find them. All the cars are armored, so nothing except explosives will cause damage.

Once you start the attack, make sure you destroy all the vehicles and take out the mercenary leader. Once it’s secure, go inside and loot the Citadel Keycard from the leader’s body. This will officially complete this part of the mission. You should also take some time to loot the convoy you recently attacked for some high-level goodies, even after the vehicle is damaged.

All that’s left for you is to make it out alive and you’ll be ready to move on to the next set of missions.

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