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City: Horizon When it launched in 2015 it was a triumphant revelation. At the time, the city-building simulation genre was struggling after the disastrous 2013. simcity Reboot, and accessible but extensive setup City: Horizon Made it a hit. Over time it became more extensive with various mods and DLC, which added many new features such as natural disasters. In such a situation, there is a lot of pressure on them City:Skylines 2 To deliver, and it becomes an overwhelming task.

City:Skylines 2 is a comprehensive simulator, even if it feels much less revolutionary than its predecessor. If you’ve never had much engagement with post-launch support City: Horizon, you’ll be impressed by its new progression and gameplay systems that are still surprisingly accessible. More experienced players will appreciate how elements like natural disasters and other small simulations are incorporated into the experience from the very beginning.

There’s a caveat to all this: City:Skylines 2 The developers have acknowledged that performance won’t be great at release, which was reflected in our playtime. While it’s a strong city-building simulator that will serve as the main DLC platform for Colossal Order and Paradox Interactive going forward, it doesn’t feel the need to migrate from the original just yet, as this sequel is looking for a major improvement. Not enough. Yet to justify dealing with its technical issues.

a comprehensive simulation

City:Skylines 2 is an entire simulator that allows players to build large cities piece by piece. Emerging city planners need to build roads, ensure that the city has adequate amounts of water and electricity, and zone certain districts and parts of the city for residential, commercial or industrial buildings, etc. Almost any tool one could think of for such a simulator is now present here, right down to the nuances of adjusting taxes or adjusting the charges for taxis.

Gameplay from Cities: Skylines 2.
paradox interactive

Includes several features added in expansions to the first game City:Skylines 2, And it also comes with something new. What stands out most is the improved traffic AI, which forced me to think more carefully about traffic flow when building roads. Considering mini motorway One of my favorite indie games in recent years, I was very happy to install lots of roundabouts around my city to improve traffic flow.

Another exceptionally renovated aspect of City:Skylines 2 There is clear progress. There is a simple satisfaction in seeing a city expand, but City:Skylines 2 The experience continues to reward when players build roads or keep their population happy. This experience contributes to a leveling system that brings each city from a small village to a metropolis. At each level, players earn skill points that can be spent on one of several progression trees to unlock new buildings.

They contribute to the development of the unlocked city and earn continuous experience by continuing the cycle. Recent simulators like this and forza motorsport It has been recognized that a constant sense of progress may counteract some of the genre’s inherent dullness.

performance issues

Although it has a strong feature set, cities: skylines 2 Is appearing in an error state. Ahead of launch, Colossal Order released a forum post admitting that mod support would not be available. City:Skylines 2 until after launch and “Although our team has worked tirelessly to deliver the best possible experience, we have not been able to achieve [performance] The benchmark we targeted.

Build roads in cities: skylines 2.
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On the first pre-launch build of the game I received, I encountered some frame rate stuttering and flickering shadows, even on an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060. Paradox recommended that we play at very low settings to avoid most problems, which made the experience good. Worse than its predecessor. Earlier this week, I got a new build to fix the performance issues, and although it improved matters a bit, it came with a few distinct bugs of its own, like lag if I zoomed in too much. The world will disappear.

Although this is a pre-launch build, and Paradox is already committed to continuously updating the game at launch and after, it’s hard to recommend it. City:Skylines 2 in good faith at launch without seeing how it looks in the wild. It seems like City:Skylines 2 It’s going to be a tough situation at launch, especially because it’s a massive simulator where everyone’s experience will definitely be different.

A residential view in cities: skylines 2.
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City:Skylines 2 Obviously the original didn’t have live mod support at the time of release, so the library of fan-made content makes the stable original even more appealing if you’re casually looking for a city-building game. Hardcore players will probably be the ones who benefit the most City:Skylines 2 The sandbox is currently if they agree with some technical issues and leaving behind the cities they have spent thousands of hours on.

Underneath all these launch woes is a fantastic simulator on par with the original with satisfying progression. As soon as mod support arrives and City:Skylines 2 Receives dozens of updates and DLC packs, I have no doubt that this will become the premier citybuilder game for both casual and hardcore fans. However, for now, it’s best to wait until the game is a little more stable and has a vibrant community like its predecessor.

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