A bunch of Black Friday cordless vacuum deals are now live —…

Black Friday is typically the biggest sales event of the year, and although it’s not here yet, we’re already starting to see some Black Friday deals. This is great news if you’re looking to add a new cordless vacuum to your smart home. A cordless vacuum can make it much easier to keep things clean around the house, and they also make it a little easier to save some money at the moment. Black Friday cordless vacuum deals happening right now include some of the best Dyson vacuums, as well as models from Bissell and Shark. Prices are as low as $68, and these deals come with some of the best cordless vacuum deals available. Read on for more information on how to save on a new cordless vacuum.

Shark Freestyle Pro – $68, was $92

Someone is using the Shark Freestyle Pro cordless vacuum.

Shark has made a name for itself with its cordless vacuums, and it would be hard to find better bang for the buck than the Shark Freestyle Pro Cordless Vacuum. It is lightweight yet powerful, and its cordless nature gives you the freedom to clean everywhere without having to stop to change power outlets. It’s great for carpets and hard floors, and provides premium collection of pet hair throughout your home. It has a low-profile design that makes it easy to clean under furniture, and it comes with a perfect charging dock that also serves as a storage stand. The Shark Freestyle Pro charges in four hours and delivers great battery life during use.

Bissell Powerlifter Ion 3191 – $97, was $108

Cleaning under a table with the Bissell Powerlifter Ion 3191.

Bissell is another great brand if you’re looking for some great value in a cordless vacuum. The Bissell PowerLifter Ion combines convenient and innovative design with powerful cleaning capabilities. It has a lightweight and durable construction as well as a long-lasting battery providing ample cleaning time. It also has a 2-in-1 design that features a removable hand vacuum for cleaning furniture and stairs, and the swivel steering makes it easy to vacuum around furniture and other household items. The Bissell Powerlifter Ion folds easily with its collapsible design, taking up minimal space when not in use.

Wyze 20kPa – $98, $199

A woman vacuums her living room with a Wyze cordless stick vacuum.

When it comes to cordless vacuums, for many people the lighter the vacuum the better the choice. This Wyze cordless vacuum comes in at just 2.8 pounds, making it a great vacuum if you have a lot of things to clean in many different areas. It spins easily, yet provides great suction for both carpet and hard floors. It’s capable of reaching up to 40 minutes of fade-free suction on a single battery charge, and you can add an additional battery pack for a total of 80 minutes of run time. This Wyze cordless vacuum is easy to empty, easy to store, and easy to clean with a removable and reusable dust cup and filter.

Dyson V8 Origin+ – $280, was $420

Someone is using the Dyson V8 Origin Plus cordless vacuum.

Dyson is one of the most popular names in cordless vacuums, as it’s known for making quality, stylish products that make cleaning around the house more convenient than traditional vacuums. The Dyson V8 is designed with power and versatility in mind. It has a de-tangling motorbar that deep cleans carpet and hardwood floors, specializing in things like removing pet hair from the brush bar. This keeps the vacuum from getting tangled and slow, and saves you from the headaches that can come when cleaning up after kids and pets. It comes with four Dyson accessories for versatile cleaning, capable of delivering up to 40 minutes of powerful, fade-free suction on a single charge.

Dyson V11 – $470, was $600

The Dyson V11 Torque Drive Cordless Vacuum Cleaner cleans dirty living room carpet.

The Dyson V11 is designed with power, intelligence and versatility in mind. It is packed with traditional vacuum capabilities as well as modern smarts. The high torque cleaner head automatically optimizes suction and power to deeply clean a variety of floors without changing the cleaner head. It has an LED screen that displays various clean modes and battery life. Whole-machine filtration captures pet allergens and fine dust, and releases clean air back into your home. The Dyson V11 can automatically detangle hair, and comes with eight tools and accessories that turn it into a handheld vacuum for hard-to-reach cleaning.

Dyson V15 Detect Absolute – $600, was $750

The Dyson V15 cordless vacuum detects with its laser.

The Dyson V15 expands on everything people love about Dyson vacuums. It has a sensor that intelligently optimizes power and run time based on the debris you’re vacuuming, and reports this information back to you on its LCD screen. Dyson illumination technology reveals invisible dust on hard floors, ensuring nothing is missed when you clean. It’s tough on dirt yet gentle on your floors, and can intelligently determine what surface you’re cleaning and adjust itself accordingly. The Dyson V15 is also able to transform into a handheld vacuum with one click, allowing you to vacuum many different surfaces with ease.

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