Cybertruck goes on public display ahead of next week’s launc…

Tesla CEO Elon Musk driving the Cybertruck.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk driving the Cybertruck. Tesla

We’re just a week away from Tesla delivering the first Cybertruck to customers, and the automaker has started putting the vehicle on public display ahead of the launch.

For example, a Cybertruck was recently spotted outside Lincoln Center in New York City, while another was spotted at Tesla’s store at the Westfield UTC mall in San Diego.

Visitor John W. Davis shot a video of the Cybertruck at the mall and shared it on YouTube:

Tesla Cybertruck on public display in San Diego walk around

The first Cybertruck will be presented to customers at a special event on Thursday, November 30 at Tesla’s Cybertruck Gigafactory in Austin, Texas. Tesla CEO Elon Musk is expected to lead the live-stream proceedings.

If it’s anything like the opening of Tesla’s first car factory in Europe last year or the delivery of the first Tesla Semi trucks, we can expect a carefully choreographed launch with a glitzy, party-like atmosphere. And possibly some dance moves from Musk, too.

Tesla unveiled the fully electric Cybertruck four years ago, but it took longer than expected to launch. And while the first Cybertruck will be delivered just a few days from now, Musk recently said that production capacity for the vehicle probably won’t be reached until 2025, meaning most of the 2 million or so customers looking to purchase one will be under $100. Have done. People gathered at the vehicle will still have to wait for some time before getting behind the wheel.

Despite the obvious interest in a uniquely designed Cybertruck, Musk said Two years ago it was said that “there is some chance that the Cybertruck will flop” because it is “too different from anything else.” But since then he has become more excited, Saying Summer believes the Cybertruck is “our best product yet.”

Tesla’s newest vehicle will come in three variants. An entry-level rear-wheel-drive model; A midrange model, and a triple-motor range-topper. Pricing was originally listed as $39,000, $49,000, and $69,000 respectively, but in October 2021, the automaker removed Cybertruck prices from its website. Many expect the final cost to be high – hopefully all will be revealed next week.

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