Day of the Devs brings surprising sequels, a truffle pig RPG…

Another edition of Day of the Daves, a regular indie game live stream, took place before this year’s Game Awards ceremony. Show highlights 20 indie games, including surprise sequels genesis noir And kind words,

Day of the Daves usually runs a live stream every year in conjunction with the Summer Game Fest. This year, Indie Showcase held a second hour-long event before The Game Awards. While it largely highlighted some of the previously announced games Top: Anniversary EditionIt also brought many new announcements.

Chief among them were three sequels. nirvana noir Stylish’s follow up genesis noir It features a psychedelic art freshness inspired by bands like Pink Floyd. Kind Words 2 (Lofi City Pop) Expands the scope of its predecessor, a popular letter-writing game, by allowing players to leave notes around a small town. Point-and-click puzzler tangle tower is also getting a sequel The tongue of a mermaid.

The characters sit at a table in Nirvana Noir.
wild cat den

As is always the case with Dev Divas, some of the announcements are particularly generous. monk and pig is a turn-based RPG about a truffle pig that takes inspiration from paper mario And mundane, The second installment of Digital Eclipse’s Gold Master series (following) karateka creation) was unveiled, and is a playable documentary about game creator Jeff Minter that includes 42 playable games. Best Game of the Show goes to Janet Demorne is a slumlord (and a witch)Which is a horror game about an evil landlord.

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The live stream also gave us notable news in the form of a release date open roads Fulbright founder Steve Gaynor remained silent for years after leaving the project amid allegations of toxicity. The title will now launch on February 22, 2024.

Here’s the full list of games shown during Day of the Devs, along with the developers behind each.

  • militiaman (tall boys)
  • nirvana noir (wild cat den)
  • thank god you’re here (coal feast)
  • cluster (Hollow Ponds, Richard Hogg)
  • Kind Words 2 (Lofi City Pop) (popcannibal)
  • monk and pig (Heavy Lunch Studio)
  • Dom-King Cabbage (Cobisoft Company)
  • Altroz (Haido)
  • loose leaf (Kitfox Games)
  • holstein (sonka)
  • Odada (Sven Ahlgrim, Mathilde Hoffmann)
  • cryptmaster (Paul Hart, Lee Williams)
  • LlamaSoft: The Jeff Minter Story (digital eclipse)
  • stretch it (Fighting Chance Games)
  • Top: Anniversary Edition (Thekla)
  • open roads (Open Roads Team)
  • barrier (long way Home)
  • Home Security Hotline (Night Signal Entertainment)
  • Janet Demorne is a slumlord (and a witch) (fuzzy ghost)
  • mermaid tongue (SFB Games)

For those interested in getting hands-on with some of the games shown, Day of the Daves is holding a public showcase in Los Angeles on Friday, December 8th. The event will include playable demos of 40 games, including newly announced games. kind words 2 And many that were not featured on the stream. Tickets are available now.

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