Quick! This Dell 27-inch 4K monitor is still discounted to $…

27-inch Dell S2721QS 4K monitor on a table.

While most Black Friday monitor deals have already ended, this offer from Dell for a 4K monitor is available for you to purchase – $100 off the 27-inch Dell S2721QS 4K Monitor, which brings its price down from its original price. Brings it down to just $230. $330. We are not sure if this is a mistake, but since there is a possibility that it may suddenly disappear, you will need to proceed with the purchase immediately if you want to ensure that you do not miss out on this deal. If you wait until tomorrow, it may be too late.

Why should you buy the 27-inch Dell S2721QS 4K Monitor?

The Dell S2721QS is a simple, no-frills 4K monitor that will let you enjoy 4K Ultra HD resolution when using the display for work or school purposes, and it also works well as a gaming monitor because it Supports AMD’s FreeSync technology. Screen tearing and stuttering are eliminated. Ultra-thin bezels on three sides provide an immersive viewing experience, while Dell’s ComfortView Plus will protect your eyes from harmful blue light emissions without affecting the accuracy of colors on the 27-inch display.

With built-in dual HDMI ports, you can keep two input sources connected to the Dell S2721QS 4K monitor at all times, such as your work PC and video game console, for example. This will make it easier to switch between them whenever the situation requires. The monitor comes with a stand that includes pivot, tilt, swivel, and height adjustments, so you can position it just right for your comfort.

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If you were hoping to get a 4K monitor from this year’s Black Friday deals, the good news is that you can still get the 27-inch Dell S2721QS 4K Monitor from Dell for a discounted price of just $230. There’s probably not much time left before it’s gone for a $100 savings on the $330 sticker price, so you shouldn’t hesitate. The Dell S2721QS 4K Monitor won’t be showing up at all on Cyber ​​Monday, so it would be a good idea to shop this offer while you still can.

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