Bungie plots Destiny 2: The Final Shape overhaul in wake of …

destiny 2 Developer Bungie has broken its silence after laying off nearly 100 staff members earlier this week. The studio posted a blog update acknowledging the move and stating a major change in plans destiny 2‘s next big DLC, final size,

On Monday, October 30, Bungie laid off a large portion of its staff in the community, QA, audio, and other departments. According to a report by IGN, Bungie CEO Pete Parsons was cited destiny 2Its declining performance in 2023 is one reason. A Bloomberg report said that Bungie’s upcoming projects were delayed internally as part of the move final size Quietly moving towards June 2024.

The Guardians standing together in Destiny 2: The Final Shape key art.

Bungie’s blog post didn’t fully confirm that news, but it did tease it a lot. It acknowledges fans’ disappointment by including content from the previous year of the game illumination DLC, and notes that he aims to exceed expectations final size,

“The way forward for us is clear: we need to make final size An unforgettable Neapolitan experience,” the post was credited destiny 2 Dev team, writes. “We want to create something that will be considered alongside the best games we have ever made – a fitting culmination that honors the journey we have been on together over the last ten years. left, witch queen, And taken king – These are the standard bearers we want to live up to.”

The post doesn’t clarify exactly what that grand statement means for the DLC’s release date. It is written in the post that it will be explained in detail destiny 2next season in the coming weeks and then focus on sharing Bungie’s “bigger, bolder, and brighter vision” final size,

Bungie will have a lot of disappointed fans when this is revealed. Some? destiny 2 Players have started withdrawing their money final size Pre-order in response to controversial reports about layoffs and how they were carried out.

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