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NBA basketball hoop on Dish Network

The new NBA In-Season Tournament is here and groups are ending. If you want to get into the thick of it and start watching in the Knockout Stage (which starts December 3rd) you need to start figuring out your plan now. But don’t worry too much, because we’ve got it figured out for you. You can take advantage of Dish, a satellite-based alternative to regular cable, and catch all of the action.

With a Dish plan starting at just $85 per month, you can get ESPN and TNT, which are hosting 84 and 63 NBA games this season, respectively. For just slightly more, at $105 per month, you’ll also be granted access to NBA TV, which is hosting 104 NBA games this season. And with any plan, Dish is paying you $100 in a gift card just for making the switch, conveniently enough to pay for Dish’s NBA League Pass, which has every NBA game this season. And all of this is in addition to all of the other great programming provided.

Why you should watch the NBA Knockouts via Dish

Dish is an incredibly convenient service that allows you to get all of your favorite sports programming in one place. You can see every NFL game on Dish. And with features like Dish’s multi-view it becomes incredibly easy to keep tabs on two to four games at a single time. Better yet, Dish is more than likely available to you, even if you live in a place where premium cable and internet services don’t dare trek. It’s satellite-based and does take time to setup (don’t wait too long to sign up) but once you get connected, you’ve got a solid source of NBA goodness.

That NBA goodness is driven be the excellent programming provided by Dish. Depending on the package that you get, access will be granted to some or all of the following channel and the NBA games that they will show: ESPN (84 games), TNT (63 games), ABC/ESPN3 (16 games), and NBA TV (104 games). Plus, if you use your $100 sign-up gift card to pay for the

you can catch every NBA game, including the 1,230 games of the regular NBA season.

But do you still have time to sign up? That’s a good question. At the time of this writing, the group play stage has ended. Here’s the schedule for the rest of the events:

  • Knockout Stage — 12/3-12/4
  • Semifinals — 12/7
  • Finals — 12/9

Remember, plans start as low as $85 per month. Everyone that switches to Dish is eligible for the $100 gift card, which also happens to be exactly how much the NBA League Pass add-on costs, which is very convenient for NBA fans. So, go ahead and tap the button below to get your signup started before you miss out on more great NBA fun.

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