Everything coming to Disney+ in December 2023

Percy Jackson and the Olympians Teaser | Disney+

Mariah Carey has woken up from her slumber, which means the holiday season is in full swing. December is upon us, that time of year filled with honey-soaked hams, gifts no one wants, parades no one sees, and unwanted relatives. Disney+ will be going all out to celebrate the season with its new and returning Disney+ shows, original movies, and season finales that are set to stream in December 2023.

Some of the highlights of November include the season 2 finale Santa Clausstart of season 2 Marvel’s What If…?Streaming debut of Indiana Jones and the Dial of DestinyMore am a doctor special with David Tennant, and the premiere of the new Percy Jackson series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Below, we’ve provided the full list of what’s new on Disney+ in December 2023.

Friday, December 1st

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

Cowboy (Premiere)

On Christmas Eve, a young RAF pilot flying across the North Sea finds himself in danger when his radio and power goes out, leaving him stranded and operating on limited fuel. When it seems his luck is about to run out, a mysterious good man leads him to safety.

Timeless Heroes: Indiana Jones and Harrison Ford (Premiere)

Saturday, December 2

Doctor Who: Wild Blue Yonder (Premiere)

three special, The Star Beast (25 November), wild blue yonder (2 December) and giggle (December 9) will reunite the Fourteenth Doctor (David Tennant) and Donna Temple-Noble (Catherine Tate) as they come face to face with their most terrifying villain yet: the Toymaker (played by Neil Patrick Harris). am a doctor First entry).

Tuesday, December 5

Dancing with the Stars (Season 32 Semifinals)

dancing with the Stars The hit series co-hosted by Alfonso Ribeiro and Julianne Hough pairs celebrities with trained ballroom dancers to compete in themed choreographed dance routines, judged by Carrie Ann Inaba, Bruno Tonioli and Derek Performed by a panel of renowned ballroom experts, including Huff. ,

Isabel Preysler, My Christmas (Spanish original two-part special)

Spanish celebrity Isabel Preisler welcomes us into the privacy of her home and shows us how she celebrates one of the most memorable days of the year: Christmas. With the help of her staff, Isabel oversees even the most minute details and shares the joys of the present and memories of the past with her children.

Wednesday, December 6

The Ghost and Molly McGee: White Christmas/Perfect Day (S2, 1 episode)

Superkitties (S1, 3 episodes)

The Villains of Valley View: A Very Villainous Christmas (S2, 1 episode)

The Santa Claus (season 2 finale)

The beloved franchise returns! Scott Kelvin, after 28 years, truly reigns as Santa Claus, the leader of the North Pole and Christmas. Along with his family – Carol, Sandra and Cal – and his elves, he struggles with a changing world to keep the Christmas spirit alive for a new generation.

Soundtrack #2 (Korean original two episode premiere)

Suho and Hyeonseo, who once dated for six years, reunite as a young rich CEO and a piano instructor respectively. K works with Suho on a collaborative project and invites Hyeonseo to join them. Suho and Hyeonseo embark on a bumpy romantic journey filled with ups and downs. Will history repeat itself?

Friday, December 8th


Diary of a Wimpy Kid Christmas: Cabin Fever Premiere

The winter holidays are proving to be especially stressful for Greg Heffley this year. After accidentally damaging someone else’s property with his best friend Rowley, Greg worries that he won’t get the gift he so desperately wants for Christmas. To make matters worse, a blizzard hits the town and the entire family is stuck indoors for days. With Christmas around the corner, can Greg be on his best behavior?

Saturday, December 9

Doctor Who: The Giggle

Monday, December 11

Science Fair: The Series (Complete Season 1)

Tuesday, December 12

Dancing with the Stars (Season 32 Finale)

Wednesday, December 13

The Curse of Oak Island (S2, 10 episodes)

Dance Moms (Complete Seasons 3-6 & 8)

Kif (S1, 3 episodes)

Mickey Mouse Funhouse (S3, 4 episodes)

PJ Masks: Power Heroes Music Video (Shorts) (S1, 5 Episodes)

PJ Masks: Power Heroes (S1, Episode 5)

Soundtrack #2 Episode 3 & 4

Former lovers, Suho and Hyeonseo meet again under different circumstances. Will history repeat itself?

Friday, December 15

CMA Country Christmas Special

Wednesday, December 20

Hayley’s on It!: We Wish You a Merry Chaos-Mass (S1, 1 episode)

Pupconstruction (S1, 4 episodes)

Percy Jackson and the Olympians two-episode premiere

Percy Jackson is on a dangerous quest. Defeating monsters and gods, he must travel across America to retrieve Zeus’s Master Bolt and stop all-out war. With the help of his investigative companions Annabeth and Grover, Percy’s journey will bring him closer to the answers he seeks as he figures out how to fit into a world where he feels out of place and who Wants to become.

Soundtrack #2 Episode 5 & 6

Chip ‘n’ Dale: Park Life (Season 2 Special Christmas Episode)

Chip and Dale are as eager as ever to expand their acorn stock. But their turbulent dynamics make it difficult for things to ever go right. With Pluto, Donald, and even more Disney characters, the world’s favorite chipmunk duo gets into a whole new batch of trouble!

Friday, December 22

Marvel Studios’ What If…? season 2 premiere

Marvel Studios’ What If…? Season 2 | Official Trailer | Disney+

The Watcher continues to be our guide through the vast multiverse, introducing brand new and familiar faces to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The animated anthology series reimagines, revisits and twists classic Marvel cinematic moments with an incredible voice cast that includes multiple stars reprising their iconic roles.

Saturday, December 23

Marvel Studios’ What If…? Season 2 Episode 2

Sunday, December 24

Marvel Studios’ What If…? Season 2 Episode 3

Monday, December 25

Doctor Who Holiday Special: The Church on Ruby Road

Marvel Studios’ What If…? Season 2 Episode 4

Tuesday, December 26

Disney Parks Magical Christmas Day Parade

Marvel Studios’ What If…? Season 2 Episode 5

Wednesday, December 27

Me and Winnie the Pooh (S1, Episode 9)

Play Date with Winnie the Pooh (S1, Episode 11)

Relive the 90s (S1, 10 episodes)

percy jackson and the olympians episode 3

Marvel Studios’ What If…? Season 2 Episode 6

Thursday, December 28

Marvel Studios’ What If…? Season 2 Episode 7

Friday, December 29

Marvel Studios’ What If…? Season 2 Episode 8

Saturday, December 30

Marvel Studios’ What If…? Season 2 Episode 9

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