Hulu content is now available inside Disney+ as a ‘beta’

Hulu section within Disney+.
Phil Nickinson/

If you’ve been waiting a long time for Hulu to merge with Disney+ (especially now that Disney effectively owns all of Hulu), well, that wait is over. Because you can now get Hulu shows and movies right inside the Disney+ app.

And… well, that’s all there is to it. This is part of a previously announced “beta” test to bring everything under one roof. (The full, official rollout is said to be coming in March.) And we say “beta” in quotation marks there because unlike traditional beta testing that requires you to actually join the beta testing, this one Kind of just happened. CEO Bon Iger said in November that the reason for the beta moniker is that it is “giving parents time to set up the profiles and parental controls that work best for their families.”

It’s all quite simple: If you also have a Hulu subscription, you’ll now see a Hulu logo inside the Disney+ app on both mobile and streaming platforms. (I used an iPhone and an Apple TV, for what that’s worth.) Click through, and you’ll be presented with the world of content that’s currently available on Hulu.

Hulu content is also returned as a search result from the top level of the app, which is exactly how you’d expect it to work.

One thing that hasn’t changed is any kind of “resume” playlist. If you were in the middle of a show or series on Hulu, it looks like you’ll have to jump straight to where you left off in the Disney+ app. This is hardly a deal-breaker, although it’s worth noting.

otherwise? Things seem to be working exactly as you’d expect. You just need to have both a Disney+ account and a Hulu account to take advantage. And if you don’t? Disney+ will happily upgrade you for a small fee.

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