Duolingo Year in Review 2023: how to find yours right now

The hugely popular language learning app Duolingo has recently added a major new feature. No, it’s not the melting face app icon again – it’s Duolingo’s year in review for 2023!

This is something we see in many popular apps at the end of each year. There’s Spotify Wrapped, Apple Music Replay, Reddit Recap – you get the idea. Lots of apps summarize your activity at the end of the year, and the results are usually quite interesting.

If you’re a Duolingo user and want to see how you spent your time on the app in 2023, here’s what to do.

Duolingo is running on iPhone 2023 year under review.

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How to Find Your Duolingo 2023 Year in Review

Accessing your Duolingo Year in Review is simple enough, but we’ll still walk you through the process – just in case.

step 1: Open the Duolingo app on your smartphone.

step 2: You should automatically see a pop-up to review your 2023 year. tap blue View Year in Review button.

step 3: If the pop-up doesn’t appear, tap profile Tap the button at the bottom of the screen and then tap View Year in Review button there.

step 4: Tap Start Or swipe up on your screen to browse your Duolingo 2023 Year in Review.

Step 5: You’ll see statistics like how many lessons you completed, how many minutes you spent learning a new language, how many words you learned, and much more.

Step 6: At the end of the reporting year, you can swipe up To see your unique “learner style.”

Step 7: On the last page, you can tap share for rewards To share your Duolingo 2023 review of the year. If you share it, you’ll receive a special leaderboard badge.

Step 8: Alternatively, tap x icon in the upper left corner to leave your Duolingo 2023 Year Review.

The Duolingo 2023 Year in Review is available to anyone with a Duolingo account, and even if you’ve viewed it once, you can go back and view it again at any time on your profile page. have fun!

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