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You’re probably more familiar with Dyson for their bladeless fans and vacuum cleaners, but the company also has plenty of products in the beauty market. For example, there’s the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer, which is quite popular, or the Dyson Corale, which is a bit more of a mixed bag. Of course, both of these products are quite expensive, as are all Dyson beauty products, but we’ve found a rare deal on the Dyson Airstraight that will help soften the blow. While it normally goes for $500, if you have a My Best Buy Plus or Total membership you can get $50 off, getting you the Dyson Airstrat for $450. While this isn’t a huge discount, it should still help you save some cash if you’re eyeing an Airstraight.

Why should you buy the Dyson Airstraight?

What sets the Dyson AirStraight apart from most other hair straighteners is that it doesn’t use hot plates as you would expect, but instead uses hot air to perform the straightening. This means you avoid some of the problems with hot plates, like potentially over-drying and damaging your hair, which can be a problem with more budget-oriented devices. In fact, the thermal sensors inside the Airstraight adjust the heat up to 30 times a second, so it’s unlikely to damage your hair. Additionally, to solve the tension problem, the airflow is aimed downwards at a 45 degree angle, which ultimately helps create a smoother effect than you would find with traditional hair straighteners.

Another nice feature of using air instead of heat is that you can dry and straighten your hair at the same time. The 13-bladed propeller can spin at 106,000 rpm and push approximately 12 liters of air inside, allowing you to style your hair wet instead of waiting for it to dry first. Another great feature is that you can touch-up or refresh without worry, with the option to style at 250 or 285 degrees Fahrenheit or use the Airstraight’s Boost mode to achieve maximum heat.

Overall, the Dyson Airstraight is an excellent product if you’re concerned about damaging your hair and want better control. Granted, it comes at a premium, but the subscription discount from Best Buy that brings it down to $450 is worth it, especially considering how rare discounts are on Dyson beauty products. That said, it’s always worth checking out other Dyson deals to see if you can find something that better meets your needs.

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