This is hands-down the best tech gift for tea and coffee dri…

A black amber smart mug 2 on the countertop.

The best tech gift for hot beverage lovers (arguably all of us) is the Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug at Best Buy. The mug is currently priced at $150 which may seem expensive but it is the best mug and gadget of your life. Capable of keeping your drink hot for longer than you expect, it will definitely be a hit with tea and coffee lovers. If such fans keep running regularly, you can also buy these
Ember Travel Mug 2+ for $200
, Interested in learning more about Smart Mugs? Here’s what you need to know.

Why should you buy the Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug?

Looking great in our smart mug tests, the Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug is pretty special. It does more than just keep your drink hot. It allows you to set your preferred drinking temperature between 120F and 145F so you can enjoy your hot beverage in every sip. Its built-in battery is capable of maintaining the chosen drinking temperature for up to 80 minutes, so it’s just right to keep you happy, even if you’re forgetful. Combined with the charging coaster, it can really keep your drinks hot all day long.

To use it you simply set your amber mug on the charging coaster. A smart LED light on the front turns red when charging and solid green when everything is complete. A white light indicates that it is heating or monitoring a hot beverage at that time.

This mug is as easy to use as a regular mug and is easily one of the best tech gifts. It’s IPX7 rated for complete water submersion, so it’s easy to hand-wash, wash, or soak. An auto sleep function means it only starts working when it sees you pouring something, plus it automatically enters sleep mode when you’ve finished your drink. Its patented sensors are so smart that they can turn themselves on or off as needed. There’s also an Ember app if you want to set the drink temperature remotely, save presets for your favorite beverages, or try out Ember’s tea brewing timer.

Ember has considered every aspect with the Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug, so it really is a useful device. Right now, you can buy it at Best Buy for $150 and we believe it’s worth every penny. It is a gift that keeps on giving. don’t forget
Ember Travel Mug 2+ for $200
If you need something more portable.

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