Express VPN joins the growing ranks of VPNs on Apple TV

App listing for ExpressVPN on Apple TV.
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One of the big features added to tvOS 17, at least on paper, was the ability to run VPN applications for the Apple TV. This is a big deal because people don’t tunnel their entire home network traffic through a virtual private network, because they’re probably normal humans who don’t attempt such things and because routers don’t always make it an easy thing to do. .

And today the news is that ExpressVPN – one of the big players in this space – is now available for Apple TV. It joins a growing cadre of tvOS-enabled VPN apps, which at the time of this writing includes VPNFi, X-VPN, IPVanish, PureVPN,, LeapVPN, USVPN, and Anycast for starters.

In recent years it has become almost impossible to stay online anywhere without using a VPN in some way – most prominently through extremely heavy marketing. This is partly because VPNs allow you to pretend as if your device is located in another country, which may allow you to watch something on Netflix in the UK, but that isn’t available on Netflix in the US. It’s also because VPN providers spend a lot of money on affiliates, targeting websites and podcasters and other influencers to reach people where there are no display ads. (Yes, we also have that on our list of the best VPNs for Apple TV.) They’re marketed as essential services for privacy, even though they’re needed — even on public Wi-Fi networks. -Can certainly be debated. And to be fair, they’re just a simple way to hide some of the basics of where you are and what you’re doing online.

In any case, the door has opened for tvOS and Apple TV. VPN apps are here. there will be more. Luckily, for now, they’re limited inside the App Store, and you’ll have to look for one if you want to use it.

Subscriptions available through in-app purchases run from $13 per month to $117 per year.

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